Thursday, December 8, 2011

A White Cabinet At Christmas

I've just finished painting this lovely little French cabinet and I'm liking how it looks next to my Christmas tree. A nice balance to the green and red.

I made some more chalk paint. Thanks everyone for all your feedback on my last batch and exactly how Annie Sloan's chalk paint feels. One of my readers, Lisa suggested using Plaster of Paris instead of Ag Lime. I actually had a bag at home (as you do...) so I mixed it up and am very pleased with the result.

Hmm... Still need to paint my skirting boards. 
Best get onto that tomorrow.

And before photo below. I was tempted to keep the top natural wood but it would have involved lots of sanding and my arm that was broken and still healing, just isn't up to it yet. So all white it is.

I'm keeping this little one for a while. I love it's sweet scrolly features.

Have a good day!
Fiona  xx


  1. it looks great & love the photos! i have a set of drawers very similar..have always been tempted to paint them white. one of the only things i haven't painted.

  2. that is too cute! i love it- those legs are so sweet! glad you are keeping it!

  3. Love the detail on that table and the legs. It looks lovely :)

  4. That is totally cute, I love the scrolly bottom.

  5. The cabinet is lovely. I would love to try making my own chalk paint. Have you shared the recipe?


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