Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve in Sydney and an Ampersand Cushion

Sydney is a magical place to be for New Year's Eve. The fireworks over the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are fabulous.

Here are some photos from a few years ago. 

New Year's Eve is extra special in our family as it's my sister's birthday.

Here's my present for my sister.
She really wanted an Ampersand Cushion.
I'm not in the mood to drag my sewing machine out so I bought a plain cushion cover and infill from Ikea and painted on an ampersand.

I just hand drew the ampersand (after practising for a while) in pencil then painted it on with paint mixed with fabric fixative.

All finished.
Now just to wrap it before we head off to her house for champagne and fireworks!

Happy New Year!
I hope 2012 brings you all much happiness.


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  1. Love that- You need to make a stencil and sell it. That is a perfect amp.

    1. Hi Holly, thanks so much. I actually looked everywhere for an ampersand stencil and couldn’t find one! My sister loves it which was the main thing.
      Have a good week
      Cheers Fiona


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