Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First Commissioned Piece

I recently decided to sell the parquetry dining table I restored early this year. I was going to keep it as I love it but I don't know when I'd ever use it as we just don't have room for a second dining table. The lady I sold it to has asked me to paint some of her furniture. The first piece she brought me was an old secretaire desk. It had a old faux wood paint job and needed some love.
After a lot of work, here it is.

I painted it in a two tone effect. The detail is a lighter coloured paint in the same tone as the rest.

A close up of the two tones.

She's picked this up today and was delighted with it. It had been her mother's and she's wanted to paint it for 30 years.  I felt very honoured to be the one chosen to do the work.

I was so nervous painting someone else's furniture. it's actually more stressful than I thought. I should just trust myself more.  But she must be happy with my painting as she's also dropped a bookcase in for me to do and also has a wall unit that she'll deliver to me after in the New Year. 

Here is the desk before I got to it.

in great need of some wood oil and wax!

We're heading out on my dad's boat tomorrow for an early family Christmas outing. Hopefully today's sunny weather holds out. When we get home we've got Christmas drinks with all our neighbours.  If I've got any energy (or sobriety!) after all that I'll be posting some photos of a sweet makeover I did in chalk paint on a little pot cupboard that I won at an auction on Friday. You won't believe the difference a few coats of paint can make!


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  1. It's beautiful Fiona! You've done an amazing job, I'm not surprised she's chuffed. I love those handles too. Have you seen them anywhere else around? I can't find them anywhere here - or online!
    I'd love it if you'd share this at my Saturday Splendour Party! x

  2. Awesome paint job Fiona. No wonder you client was a happy chappy. Sandy xx

  3. Gorgeous Fiona.... you do such a professional job. I could keep you busy for a year fixing all my sloppy attempts. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  4. Wow this is an awesome piece of furniture. You did a fantastic job. Have a great time with your family and Merry Christmas!

  5. Just gorgeous! Haven't seen you in a while! I am glad you are back, I am featuring this tomorrow. Thanks!


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