Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazing finds this week

I am definitely not in the market for shopping this week as we have spent the last couple of days clearing out a lot of my mum's house. Helped greatly by my mum's second husband's first wife (my step siblings' mum). We have a pretty amazing blended family! At mum's funeral, amongst loads of family and friends, there was my dad and his second wife (mum and dad were divorced 30 years ago), and most of dad's siblings and my mum's "wife in law" (her second husband's first wife) and her sister and brother in law! We do blended families here very well! So Brady Bunch!

But I thought I'd share some of the items I found this week

And this leather swivel chair would make a fantastic desk office chair. I love the studs. 
This sideboard would look good painted. 

I love a good table makeover. I think this table would look good with its legs and apron painted and the top kept wooden. French Style Walnut Drawer Leaf Table 

And these cross back chairs are always popular.

And my final pick today is this French / Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Dresser, Fitted with Multiple Doors and Drawers.

Sorry wood lovers but I would paint it white! Or possibly pale French grey.

I'm driving home today up the coast with my car laden and filled to the brim with fabrics, and other sewing stuff. And my mother's amazing sewing machine and overlocker. And a divine green suede coat my mum had in the 60s. (she really had style 40 years ago!) Will be nice to wear it and remember her by.



  1. your family sounds amazing! and holy sideboard!

  2. I love your "What's on auction" posts. My inlaws used to go down to Lawsons when they were in Sydney for a few days. I have only been once with my sister in law a few years ago, but there wasn't much there that week. One time when I get down to Sydney at the right time, I will have to check it out again.

  3. What an amazing family!

    I'd love to hear your auction pointers one day - I've never been to one, but they look like they have amazing pieces!

  4. Love those crossback chairs, do you have any idea what they go for Fiona? Hope you have a very quiet relaxing weekend ahead of you, I think you need it after the week you've had!

    xx Karen


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