Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surf's up at the beach

The surf was up, lots of sea spray and a rough ocean yesterday. My sister and I went for a walk along the boardwalk at Eden's main beach this afternoon and watched the waves pound the beach. I love it when there's lots of sea spray coming off the waves.
Sea spray and a rainbow
This is the sunrise view from the house we are staying at. And pretty much the view from my mum's house also as her place is just over the road. We have started cleaning out her house as we need to put it on the market. It's a huge task and one that will take some time. Her sewing/craft room is unbelievable. So much fabric! Many years ago she had done a cross stitch that said "she who dies with the most fabric wins!". She had it pinned to the door of the double wardrobe that housed her quilting fabrics. I think Mum has taken out the gold medal...

Big skies and beautiful colours in this part of the world. I'll miss having Eden to come home to. We'll just all have to make the effort to come here for holidays. It's such a long drive from Sydney but worth it when you get here.




  1. Fiona What you do is something I dread. Going through all my mums stuff one day.

    There will be lots and laughs and tears no doubt. You are very lucky to have a sister do share it with.

    Wishing the best for you.

  2. Glad you have help - these pics are lovely!

  3. Loving the photo's. Enjoy all the memories that sorting through your mums house will bring.......... Mx

  4. Haha I laughed at the cross stitch, but can only imagine what a hard job you face cleaning out the house, lucky you have a few siblings to hopefully help...if you all get on ok and can agree on stuff, which has been known cause issues at times like this (speaking from unfortunate experience!)

    I never really thought about the fact now your Mum is gone, you'll have no-one based in Eden to come home to anymore, that is really sad. As you say, you'll have to go there for holidays, I am sure the kids love it and wouldn't it be lovely for them to grow up being really familiar with the place you grew up :)

    Back to the rat race soon for you, I guess...I am starting to get excited about my trip down (I always love Sydney for a few days, then love to leave again, lol!)

    xx Karen

  5. Oh Fiona, I love your pics of the beach. I find that the beach in winter is such a lovely place to be, even when the wind whips up.

    I am glad you have your sister to help you go through everything too, I have seen my mother in law do it, and it is a hard task to accomplish in a short period of time. Make sure you have time for yourself without too much distraction, as it can be hard to make decisions on the spot.


  6. Beautiful photos and it looks like a wonderful place to spend time with your memories. Take care I am thinking of you. xx


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