Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I think she's finished!

I find it very hard with paintings and drawings to know when something is finished. I suppose it's possible to keep adding and never be finished but I think my version of Lillian Bassman's photograph of a woman by the window is complete.  I'm really quite pleased with it as I wasn't sure of my ability to do this, especially just using one colour - pure white.  It was a real study of tones.

All the details are much more subtle when you see it from a proper distance but here it is from a couple of metres.  Once I've got it up I'll take a proper photo of it in situ.

I bought an ornate vintage frame and replaced the canvas with a home made chalkboard.  Then using chalk and white pastel I drew my version of the vintage black and white photograph (taken by Lillian Bassman in the 1950s).  I've always loved this photograph. The model is so very elegant and I love the muted greys and folds of her dress and her beautiful hair.

her head

waist and folds of dress

the chair and light from window
And here is a close up of the ornate frame.  I love the cracks and vintage detail of it. When ever I find an ornate vintage frame or mirrors s for a good price I snap them up as they just don't make them like they used to and a vintage frame has so many uses.  I'm not sure where this painting will hang so at the moment it's just leaning against the wall in the lounge room.

and this is the frame and painting when I bought it:

And here's a sneak peak below of the furniture I've been painting lately.  Below is only the primer and first coat and I'll actually distress this set to bring out the detail and make all that carving really pop.  It's a vintage ornate bedroom set. With a lick (actually a lot of licks) of white paint, it's turning out beautifully.  

The magic of white paint never ceases to please me.  

The white sideboard that I painted a few months ago sold on the weekend to a lovely girl, Emma. It's been in our lounge room for a few months - with Mum being so sick and then the funeral etc, I hadn't listed it for sale until last week. Phil had got very used to it there and after I sold it told me how much he loved it, how beautiful he thought it was and how sad he was that I'd sold it. He then said "now you'll have to find something else to put there".  Hey mister there's no need to ask twice!! I'll be off to the auctions today! love it when I'm given a mission...

So what do you think of my drawing? 

have a lovely day.
Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, I love your drawing, it's beautiful and the vintage frame looks perfect around it. What a clever girl you are! xToni

  2. I think it is fab!

    I could draw something on a white background, but black is tricky as you have to reverse what you would do normally, sort of like a negative.

    So clever, and such a lovely picture - you must hang that!

  3. Fiona, that is fabulous. I have never had any drawing or painting talent, even with chalk, so I'm always amazed by those, like you, who are. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of artwork with us!

  4. it looks beautiful! i love the palette, too!

  5. It is beautiful, great job Fiona.

  6. Oh you clever, clever girl!!! She is beautiful and the frame is perfect!
    It is hard to sell a piece when it has settled into your home I always found that the holes they left didn't fill up until I totally reorganised the room!! Learnt it was better to leave them in the garage...which id probably why I now have a four car garage full of stuff!!!!!!!

  7. This is so lovely, Fiona! You do beautiful work! Something so serene and ethereal about it! Thanks for sharing your talent! Came over from Met Monday!
    Have a wonderful week!

  8. This is fantastic. Just beautiful! I love and worry that it is made out of chalk. I think it is such a wonderful medium to use, I only worry, someone will rub up against it and ruin it. It there something you can spray it with so that it is fixed? I would hate to see it get ruined!

  9. I really love this Fiona, it's such a beautiful piece! I'm wondering - Will you put something over it to protect your work? and is it normal every day white chalk, or do you use something special?

  10. Fiona, what a beautiful drawing! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing with all of us.
    Have a Blessed Day!
    Diane M.

  11. OMG this is gorgeous Fiona! What a talent you have! I would think this would be extremely difficult....and it is so fabulous!!

    Lou Cinda

  12. Absolutely amazing! You are so talented. Megan

  13. Wow, you're really talented! Your drawing is beautiful.

  14. This is just absolutely amazing!!!

  15. Absolutely stunning piece of art! What a great job, love, love, love this!!!


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