Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fresh Flowers - Spring is almost here

Yesterday was a glorious day once again here in Sydney.  The weather was down right freezing on the weekend. Very cold on the soccer field sidelines for my kids games.  I possibly should have rugged up a little bit better!  Thank goodness there is a touch of spring in the air.  I seriously need to get into the garden. With one thing and another, my little patch of greenery has been sadly neglected of late.  But it's the perfect time of year to put some effort in that will be well rewarded in no time.

This white iceberg rose is one of the few plants that is doing well at the moment. There are a few little flowers (some primulas and sweet william) in the bedraggled mess that is the garden that have popped up from last year.  I really need to put some effort into it all...

Inside my house, however, flowers still abound.  The stock in my vintage wire crate is still going strong over a week later.  I've had to freshen up the water a few times in the Fowler preserving years but I am getting good mileage from these flowers.  They are looking so pretty in my lounge room.

The other night there was a knock on the door just as we were heading out to take my daughter to her flamenco class. It was one of my lovely aunts standing there with a beautiful bunch of hyacinth for me.  They have since bloomed into the most amazing blossoms. Two toned pink. I have never seen them like this before. So delicate at the tips down to a deep pink. Nature is so beautiful.

These, along with the orchids on my dining room table, would seem to be enough but my little girl presented me with a huge bunch of jonquils on Saturday from the markets. She knows they are my favourites.  Something about their smell and simplicity gets to me.  And for me, they herald the arrival of Spring.  I've put these on my bedside table and our bedroom is full of their scent.

I usually have a garden full of flowers. I love those full English cottage gardens and usually have at least one garden bed planted fully with flowers I've grown from seeds or seedlings but I think it's going to be light on this year. I don't even have any vegetables planted at the moment which is really unlike me. Although saying that my herbs are thriving still and I love having fresh herbs on hand for cooking and salads.

Which are your favourite flowers? Do you think fresh flowers in the house are a splurge or an essential? 


ok so these are fake but i still love them!


  1. I'm in the US and our neighbourhood farmer's market had sweet peas this year - woot! Apparently they are very hard to grow here, so I snapped up a couple of bunches for a little piece of home :) I love fresh flowers, but can't justify spending the money on them as a weekly splurge. Love those ones in the wire crate!

    1. thanks for stopping by Lizzie. I love sweet peas also. So very pretty. I only ever buy fresh flowers at the farmers markets and if i get them for a good price!
      have a great weekend
      cheers Fiona

  2. Gorgeous post Fiona! I love Iceberg Roses, all roses really, and lavender, Grosso is my fave but when I asked here (at Bunnings, lol!) they had no idea what I was talking about. Will be planting dentata instead which is still pretty. I love Peony Roses but have never grown them. I love hydrangeas too and still have some good quality fake ones we were given for our wedding almost 11 yrs ago, still love them (they are blue). I also love frangipani and love that I now live somewhere tropical enough to actually grow it. I love seeing blossoms on trees. I think I just love any flowers actually!

    I had a rose bush with me to give you but think I will have to plant it here...it didn't look too good after a weekend in the car! Sorry again we didn't get to catch up, the weekend was full on (and yes it was faaaaareeezing!) Lovely spring like weather here today too, great painting weather so I am finishing my cup of tea then into it :)

    Have a lovely day
    xx Karen

  3. What beautiful flowers, I think fresh flowers in the house are a must. I agree with Lizze, the ones in the wire crate are my favourite too. xToni

  4. I love flowers fresh and fake.I have a few fake lavender and just love them,In the garden I have some beautiful lavender growing but cant bear to cut it so I just look at them and sigh...but I think i will cut some this year after reading this post.thamks...dee


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