Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fading Blooms for Saturday Flowers

Don't you just love beautiful bunches of flowers especially as they age and fade and become even more delicate?

I usually prefer a simple bunch of flowers but this beautiful mixed bouquet was given to Sasha by her auntie on their shared birthday. Its very pretty and Sasha has loved having it as her special bunch. It's now 10 days old and still going strong. The roses are a little faded but I find them even more charming like that.  The vase is an enamel jug from IKEA and was cheap as chips. Great for a big bunch of flowers like this especially as the tapered neck keeps the flowers in a good shape.

I haven't had a chance to work on my chalk portrait you can see in the background but I am actually enjoying it incomplete and resting against the sideboard in the lounge room.  It's a real luxury to have the time to play with a painting or artistic piece when you are not an actual artist and I've not been able to justify the time spent on this chalk drawing.  It's still there waiting for me. Saying that I've had plenty of free time lately to do nice things this week- the trip to Brisbane, taking these flower photos, seeing my kiddos in the book week parade and a fun pub trivia night with a gorgeous group of school mums on Thursday which is always a hoot of a night.  My life is a great mix of work, play, family and community.  I feel very blessed for that.

...and yes that French chandelier is still sitting in the chair!  I've got so used to it there and we have plenty of seating in our lounge room so it's out of the way.  I think the main reason I haven't tackled it is I'm not 100% sure of where to hang it at the moment.  Once we renovate the back of the house and knock down and rebuild our crappy lean too lounge room with it's sloping ceiling and white painted concrete floors I'll hang it as a feature in the new lounge room and it just doesn't seem worth the effort and expense of getting an electrician out to hang it until then.

And I love being accompanied by my dog Charlie. He is so loyal and loving and sits patiently beside me as I do my thing with white paint, or flowers or my camera.  He's had a little haircut and it's a bit shorter than I like it but just like human haircuts it'll grow out and look good in a couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.  It's our last weekend of soccer games so we are soon free on the weekend mornings (at least until Little Athletics begin). We will be up at the local organic markets getting our fresh fruit and vegetables and then meeting our friends at the Divi Cafe for a coffee as we always do on Saturday mornings. I love these simple routines with local friends that so enrich your life.

Stay well my friends
Fiona xx 


  1. Such a lovely post. You sound so relaxed and at peace with the world. The flowers look beautiful, fresh flowers in a room always look beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. Toni

  2. Your Saturday sounds divine! Our Saturdays have changed hugely since coming here as Geoff has to work every 2nd one. The 3 hours at work isn't so bad but add the commute on and he leaves at 7.30am and is home just after 1pm and is usually knackered just when I want him to do some chores, lol! It could be worse, I shouldn't moan. It just means I treasure the non-working Saturdays even more now. I have a lady coming this morning to look at the latest sideboard, some chairs to finish, some spray painting to do, then a lady coming tomorrow to pick up a bookcase then we are off to deliver some chairs and a dressing table. So I guess I am working all weekend on and off! Speaking of that, better get my butt off the computer and down to the workshop ;)
    xx Karen

  3. Hi Fiona. Beautiful flowers and I'm glad to hear you're are doing well.
    Have a great weekend :)
    Cas x

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  5. Flowers and Charlie - perfect combination! R x

  6. Lovely photography and your dog is so gorgeous. Your chalk portrait of the lady in the background is coming along beautifully
    Julie x

  7. loving your blog Fiona. it just keeps getting better and better!


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