Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walking the beaches does the world of good

Thanks for all your lovely messages and kindness this last week. Grief and organising a funeral is so exhausting. I am now home in Eden and feeling much better. The funeral is on Tuesday and we are pretty much organised.

We arrived last night and this morning I woke early and walked along the beach. The light down here on the far south coast is very beautiful.

a little sea spray is very healing

very restorative

This region is called the Sapphire Coast. You can see why.

We all felt that it would be a little weird staying at mum's house without her; and the four of us kids and our partners and all the kids wouldn't have all fit in her house anyway so our cousins are there and we have rented an amazing enormous old house across the road. You would love this house. Big old kitchen with an Aga, that we cooked up a big breakfast on this morning. Poached eggs cooked on a wood fired stove, eaten sitting in the warm winter's sun overlooking the beautiful Twofold Bay.

The front garden has a massive tree and a wooden swing that the kids are loving. A perfect diversion for the children.




  1. The ocean is restorative. I agree - I just got back from a trip myself. Glad you are feeling restored and pray all goes well for you this week.
    Stacey of Embraicng Change

  2. What a beautiful place! Hope all goes well this week and that you all will experience peace and healing as you go through this tough time!

  3. The past two years have been grief-filled and I understand your pain. Nothing like the beach and water to bring peace to an aching heart. May you find healing and help during this difficult time.

  4. it looks like a beautiful place to gain some peace and to lay to rest... thinking of you, fiona.

  5. Hi Fiona. Tuesday will be hard, but enjoy time with your family and lovely long walks along the beach.

  6. Being together as a family will help the thoughts are with you..xx


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