Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beautiful Countryside of the Far South Coast

Sunset near Candelo
So as you might know, I have come down to Eden, my childhood home, for a few days to help my mother who is quite sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I've managed to organised care for her in respite for a few weeks (which is a miracle that there was room but also that she has agreed) and hopefully she'll be well enough to manage on her own in a few weeks but if not we'll reasses our options and lives then. It's tough anyway with ailing parents but when they live 8 or so hours drive away (and are pretty determined that they are still independent) then it's doubly tough. I'm totally exhausted from all that has happened today (Jonty is also sick and coughing up blood from nose bleeds) but I was lucky to spend the evening with a very close friend and her husband and it's been wonderful.

Driving to Eden from Sydney is a big undertaking esepciaclly when you do it by yourself with 2 small kids and a dog! I'm blessed that my kids are amazing on car trips and despite my daughter getting car sick othe moment the road begins to wind (and Brown Mountain is extremely winding) there are no complaints or "are we there yet?". 

almost a full moon

pretty little rocky rivers
 I usually drive through Canberra and down Brown Mountain rather than taking the coast road. The coast road sounds romantic but in actual fact most of it is about 50km inland and through forest so it's not as though your travelling along the beach and coast anyway. Going via Canberra means less towns, lots of freeway and less stops.  A quicker trip all round.

love me a cow
I love once you are down Brown Mountain and arrive at the beautiful hinterland surrounding the villages of Candelo and Wolumla.  Candelo is still about 55km from Eden but it's when it's starting to feel like I'm home.

I don't know if I love it so much becuase it is ACTUALLY beautiful or if it's because I know I'm close to home.

the evening mist!
...probably a mixture of both!

Click through for more beautiful scenery around my (childhood) home town of Eden.  Just stunning. No wonder I love the beach, coast and countryside.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my mum both here on my blog and directly via email and sms. I really appreciate your kindness.

Tomorrow I'll have a post on furniture painting and I'll also be driving back to Sydney via this beautiful countryside again. Please wish me safe travels and wish my mum good health!


and Charlie enjoyed the view also!

Goodbye Sun
Hello Mum


  1. i hope your mom is back on her feet soon so you don't have to worry!

  2. Oh it's just beautiful... no wonder it's a drive to 'Eden'. So sorry to hear about your Mum. You are a good daughter. A-M xx

  3. What beautiful photos, even Charlie enjoyed the scenery. Sorry to hear about your mum, hope things improve. xT

  4. I am not religious at all but even the name Eden sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Beautiful photos, love the one with the rosehips...it looks cold though! Hope your Mum is better soon, and in the right place. I haven't been through this with my own parents (thankfully) but have been through it with my mother and father-in-law. Very different I know, but still hard.

    xx Karen

  5. Oh i havent been home in a couple months and this makes me want to go NOW! i love driving home (from canberra), but when i was little i too used to get sick everytime we had to go up or down the brown :/

    1. hi Rinniez - it's beautiful here isn't it. But oh my gosh I so remember wanting to vomit going up brown mountain but mum used to forbid us. LOL. thanks for commenting.
      in regards to knowing the same people we probably do. I am now 45 and went to primary school in Eden. I was away at boarding school for 6th class and high school in Sydney but my step-sibilings went to eden high. small world.
      cheers Fiona

  6. probably both reasons Fi - it definitely IS beautiful. xx

  7. Especially in your stunnings photos!


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