Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogopolis 2012 - Blog Conference

On Saturday I went to my first blogging conference, Nuffnang Blogopolis.  I had a great time and lots of laughs at my table - I got to meet some bloggers I really like and I learnt a few things about idea sourcing, blog design, SEO and analytics, and the blog scene in Australia.

Here are my top tips from the conference:

1) Get there early and don't expect a conference sponsored by Twinings tea to have any good coffee! In all seriousness though, the catering was divine!

2) Grab a table with a good view of the stage and sit with friends. It will make the day that much more enjoyable.  Lou, Katrina, Julienne, A-M and Marina - it was great to spend the day with you all.  Lots of laughs and thanks Katrina for helping me open my mints! So much for that old engineering degree. #fail

Katrina, Julienne and A-M all intent

3) Idea Sourcing - by Imogen from Inside Out Styling
  • Use the comments and questions you get asked as inspiration,
  • what are your readers interested in,
  • check your key words search,
  • blog lists (top 10 things etc)
  • Pinterest
  • ask your readers what they want
  • guest posts
  • How to - be a problem solver
  • opinion posts
  • case studies
  • headlines
4) Blog design by Katrina Chambers (the Media Maid and block fav)

  • Katrina gave so much advice on how to keep people on your page and get them linking through to other posts.
  • Use links within your post to other posts.
  • Use your footer!
  • Highlight your popular blog posts.
  • Make sure your blog is mobile friendly.
  • Social media buttons.
  • A clean crisp page.
  • I think I might pay a visit to Katrina for a migration to Wordpress. She makes a lot of sense.
Katrina ready for action

5) SEO by Jeff?
  • Use google analytics to track your reach
  • tweak your page titles for keywords
  • link up!
  • Understand what your analytics are saying, what your readers want and produce more of that 
 6) Branding  a great session from Nicole Avery (Planning with Kids).
  • Who are you and what do you offer your readers
  • be consistent across all avenues
  • Understand what makes a reader read your blog?
  • Same name across all social media
  • align yourself with brands and events that fit your image
  • Business cards (yay I just got mine!)
Instagram shot of my new card
There was a great session on blog photography and also a great talk on using Pinterest by Hair Romance, Podasting by Caz (Ytravelblog) and You Tube by Chairgyaru.  There was also lots of chat on panels about finding your voice and what's happening in Australia for bloggers. I could have skipped these as they were a bit all over the shop except for a couple of people (Sarah and Lady Melbourne had some great points so thanks). I just wish panelists didn't spend the time when someone else on the panel was talking playing with their phones and tweeting #poorshow.

ANYWAY - here's some of the lovely bloggers I spent my day with.

Me and Katrina

Me and A-M

the girls from Something Gorgeous.
Such a funny story about meeting these two from Something Gorgeous. I asked A-M where they were and she waved at 2 women at a table nearby so I went up and said Hey Something gorgeous, I love your blogs. They looked at me a bit strangely but obviously compliemented. We started chatting and then they gave me their business cards - one was for an blog about recovering alcoholics and the other was for autistic children - ahmmm -not homewares, furniture and renovation in all. I completely had the wrong table.  Whoops! sorry but I do not read your alcoholic/autism blogs....I think they just thought I did think they were gorgeous and that I'm extremely friendly. Anyway A-M finally pointed me in the proper direction and I loved meeting the correct gorgeous girls.

and the final thing I learnt - from Sarah (a beach cottage) - was to always show the left side of your face in photos - apparently it's way more flattering - so of course in this photo with Sarah and Mojito Mother Caz, I'm showing my right side -ha ha. Oh well.

Me, Sarah, Caz
So that was a hoot!

I'm down in Eden now looking after my mum for a few days as she's quite sick. I'll be posting some lovely photos from this divine part of the world tomorrow.

cheers Fiona


  1. Found your blog from A-M. Am loving reading everyones blogopolis recaps, wish i could have been there!
    thanks for sharing :)
    P.S. yay Eden, i grew up in Pambula and went to high school in eden! jealous that you get to be there, hope your mum gets better soon!!!

    1. hi Rinniez - sorry for the slow reply. tough couple of days here with my mum as she is much more sick than i expected. Blogopolis was fun! definitely come next time.
      Yay for the far south coast. It's so beautiful here isn;t it. just way too far from sydney...
      thanks for the comments! much appreciated.
      cheers Fiona

  2. looks like you had fun! so cool you got to meet sarah- i love her home! :)
    and mini cupcakes make any event wonderful in my opinion.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time and well worth going Fiona! For what it is worth, I think Sarah looks like she has something disgusting in her mouth in that shot, and you look lovely and natural :) That is sooo funny about the something gorgeous ladies, lol!

    Hope your Mum gets well soon :)

    xx Karen

  4. Enjoy some special time with your mum. Thanks for the inside goss on blogopolis. It would have been so much fun just to meet everyone.
    Kylie x

  5. Have just come back from a weekend in Berry and now enjoying catching up on your blog, looks like you had lots of fun and learnt a lot too. Go you! Mx

  6. Fiona I am absolutely positive it was the best table to sit on!! You were all just the best I only wish I had had time and the opportunity to talk about other things as well! Maybe next time. xx

  7. Loved your review. Sorry to have missed your tweet to me on the day. I don't think the hotel server could handle all the action.

  8. It was sooo lovely to meet you finally. I will enjoy your posts even more now! Don't no what to think of that photo though!! You got my bad side (Front) hehehe! G.x


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