Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Designer Upholstered Bedhead

I got an email recently from my gorgeous friend whose country house we stayed at in Burrawang.  When we were there for the weekend she had mentioned that she wanted an upholstered bedhead to that matched the curtains they had made when the house was built earlier this year. The curtains are made from hessian and are beautifully sewn. the only problem is that the seamstress who made them has said she will refuse to ever work with hessian again as it's so difficult to sew.  So asking her to make the bedhead was definitely out!

I suggested that my friend make it herself and talked her through how to do it.  I've seen enough ones on other blogs and done enough upholstrey of chairs and sofas to know exactly how to make them, even if I've never actually done it myself.

Here are the results:

And close up.

She's done a great job, hasn't she. It all looks fabulous and wasn't expensive. I love how you can usually create a designer look on a budget.  You've got to love MDF, a glue gun and a staple gun!

When things settle down for me, I'll post a full tutorial on how to do this.

Also don't you love how my friend has used metal tool kits from Bunnings for her bedside tables. Can you see them in the first photo?  Such a great look and way cheaper than buying proper new furniture. Of course I would have bought cheap second-hand vintage ones and paint them white...but you all knew that already.



  1. looks great Fiona, I bet your friend is glad she took your advice and did it herself, so much more satisfying, not to mention cheaper! I have to tell you, I got hassled for calling these things a bedhead once, that is what I have always called them...I think to some it sounds like the type of hairdo you have when you get out of bed? lol! Anyway I am desperate to make my own bedhead and that was one of my many holiday plans that didn't happen due to being sick the whole damn time. I did have it all worked out how I was going to mount it on the exposed brick wall in my bedroom, then I rearranged my room so it went back to the drawing board, and there it still sits! Hope you are enjoying Bali :)

    xx Karen

  2. That looks fabulous - she has done a great job. You have inspired me to re-do one of mine! I just signed up as your latest follower & I look forward to popping back for more creative inspiration.

    Coastal Style & Country Style Chic


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