Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Beach in Winter

Are you a winter beach goer or only a fair weathered friend of the beach?

I love the beach any time of year. What I love about the beach in winter is the solitude and the wind and briskness.

During the busy days last week when I was in Eden, I managed to get down to the beach for 15 minutes one afternoon. I thought the kids would want to run along the sand but it was so cold down at the beach and the wind was really whipping around and the kids refused to leave the warmth of the car... so I had some solitude on the beach.


This is Aislings beach - the main beach in town

I was accompanied by faithful puppy, Charlie! He had so much fun running around and sniffing everything. But he's so obedient that when I asked him to sit he, of course, sat and posed.  Looking this way ...and that


I think he's wondering which is his best side?

Ok enough he's thinking - let me go play!

So who's with me? who loves the beach in winter?

How good is this sign?  I think every beach town needs a sign like that. This one is directly outside our old house with it's fabulous views of the beach and bay. 



  1. I agree, great sign! I also like to go to the beach in winter, as long as I am really rugged up!

  2. Oh we're constantly being accused of being 'Southerners' when we hit the beach (currently living in Canberra, husband & i are from Sydney, 4 children born in tropical Darwin) when we go to the beach in Winter holidays. The children grew up not being able to swim at the beaches in Darwin because of crocodiles & box jelly fish, swimming pools were de rigour, but not as exciting as the beach. I love visiting Brisbane & Sydney in Winter as the beaches are empty, they swim & freeze, the sun is still out & warm enough to heat them up again, then go dive back in to the water all over again. When you live in Canberra, any beach will do, any time!! Love Posie

  3. You can let Charlie know, he doesn't have a bad side!!!! x

  4. LOVE the beach any time of year! Even if its raining ill go and sit in my car and watch the waves. Love aso' s beach, and the fact that i got to go to high school right next to the beach, took that a little for granted at the time! I love driving up to the end of aso's and just sitting in the car and watching the waves in winter :) xx

  5. Love the beach no matter the weather. Today I swam in the rain. It was fun! The water was warm so the rain was refreshing. It's my favorite place in the world. Look at my post today.


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