Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well I ended up coming on our planned holiday. Getting on that plane and leaving my sick mum was so hard. She was adamant that I come. She is still waiting for test results and a surgery date. It will only be palliative care. My siblings are all with her and loving her.

In the mean time I am slowly unwinding. The hotel is amazing.

The people are so kind and have the widest smiles. The pool is beautiful and you can walk miles along the beach. The hotel has great water sports. I kayaked out to a little sand bar off shore yesterday and had the beach to myself. It was very peaceful. And then Phil and I went jet skiing. Not peaceful at all but so much fun. My smile matched that of the locals.

I am posting this from my ipad on blogsy so excuse any formatting etc weirdness. I'm not really sure about this app.



  1. Enjoy Fiona, you deserve a break. This place looks amazing I'm going to book mark it for future reference. Have a lovely relaxing time. xToni

  2. Hey Fiona, glad you got away, enjoy your break - looks great! Marita x

  3. You will adore Ubud, an escape and serene hideaway that is quieter, cooler and more beautiful than any other place in Bali. Savour the peace and tranquility as life will be back to what you left in a blinking of an eye. G.x

  4. Hi Fiona, glad that you went to Bali, as hard as that must have been for you to leave your Mum. Doesn't sound like a good prognosis for her :( I am so sorry about that.

    Bali is amazing, I went in 1997 and 1999, a lifetime ago now, single, childless and in my 20's...ahhh bliss...would love to go back one day! Your blog post looks perfect, by the way :)

    xx Karen


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