Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update II

We are still here for 10 more hours.
Spending it by the pool and savouring every moment!
Today is our last day here and we'll be making the most of it, spending the day by the pool and a possible massage at the spa. Although we'll be sad to say goodbye to the pool, the beach and the other simple pleasures, we are all quite looking forward to heading home and seeing my mum who is still in RPA Hospital and also our dog, Charlie

I'm sitting at the pool bar writing this post having a terrible coffee (I also can't wait for a good coffee back home - really missing the lovely team at Divi Cafe) and I thought I'd share some photos of this last week. I should have ordered a cocktail!

Where we are staying has an adult's pool separate from the family area. It's a shame really as it is a lovely pool that we haven't been able to use it much. We snuck the kids in one evening when no one was around. They loved it. Is on a roof top and the water overflows to a catchment. It's got beautiful green tiles so the pool water is such a serene colour.

Hard to imagine we'll be back in the midst of winter tomorrow. I'll be heading straight to the hospital from the airport to see my mum and the doctors. She had surgery on the tumour in her brain this week and the results and prognisis (which isnt looking good) are back tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and sweet messages over this tough time for her and our family.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen lots of these shots before. This orchid below is one of my favourite flowers. I found this growing at a temple. So pretty and unexpected!

One thing we have enjoyed doing in the evenings here is finding a sweet bar along the beach or by a pool and having mojitos as the sun goes down.

So that's it from me. It's back to furniture and makeovers....


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  1. It is good to see you looking well and happy which must be so hard for you at the moment.
    Best wishes for you and your dee


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