Monday, April 8, 2013

Making room

hi - I hope you all had a good weekend. We had a lovely time with lots of catching up with friends, good company and laughter. I am looking forward to the end of the week already and the school holidays. It'll be nice to get off the whole treadmill of school lunches and kids activities for a few weeks.

Do you ever feel the need for a declutter?  I am currently meeting with architects to plan our next stage of renovation and so I've been thinking about the future layout of our house and how things will be. It's got me wanting to clear out the mess and be a bit more minimalist - very hard when you have a lot of craft hobbies and a shed full of tools!

I have decided I need to sell a few pieces of furniture. I know I'm always sifting pieces over in our house and am very used to saying good bye to lovely things but I didn't think I would be selling this one for a long while. I've decided to sell my white cupboard that sits in our lounge room under my chalk board drawing of the woman by the window.  I'll also be listing more pieces in the next week.

beautiful white painted hall cupboard for sale

I love so much about this cupboard - the shape, the detailing of the trim, the legs, the practical storage, the original key, the chrome fluted handles and how smooth a painted finish I achieved on it. However I have brought back several pieces of my mother's furniture that I want to keep for sentimental reasons and we just don't have room for it all, so this piece must go. 

beautiful white painted hall cupboard for sale

The good thing is I know that I can always transform another old unloved cupboard if I have more room in the future. 

Look at this beautiful detailing on the sides.  (do you think I'm crazy for letting this piece go?)

beautiful white painted hall cupboard for sale

The dimensions of this cabinet are: 110cm wide, 50 cm deep and 90 cm tall. There are 2 shelves within the cupboard and two drawers, one of which is lined with felt and has cutlery compartments.

beautiful white painted hall cupboard for sale

Do you ever feel like minimalising completely?  I have a terrible tendency to go on a big purge at times and think it all has to go!  Especially when I am overwhelmed with "stuff" and with no where to store it. I'll definitely be talking to the architect and builder about installing better storage in this old house....and a bigger laundry - although I'm worried that if I have a larger laundry, will the mound of clothes that need folding and ironing just grow to fill the space?

If you are interested in purchasing this cupboard please contact me.

 - and so who's with me and has a big pile of clothes to be folded?

Fiona  xx


  1. Oh Fiona, it is a beautiful piece and I can't believe you are selling it. I saw it over on Instagram and had to come check it out straight away. If this is what you are selling I can not wait to see what pieces of your mum's that you are keeping. They must be sensational!
    I am sure this will be sold in no time at all
    Cheryl x

  2. I wish I lived closer - it is stunning.
    (now I'm stopping looking at blogs for the morning and back to my clothes folding, you've got me feeling guilty)- Julia

  3. De-cluttering is not my forte! Good luck :)

  4. Oh wow-it's beautiful! I love it-wish I lived nearby!!

  5. I love seeing this cabinet in your photos. It looks so good under your drawing - do you really have to sell? as you say, you can always paint another one.

  6. Its a lovely piece, but I absolutely get the need to cull every now and then, especially for sentimental pieces.

  7. The chalkboard piece is just stunning. You have a beautiful blog.


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