Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old gold patina and pretty roses

ornate gold frame

Good morning! firstly thank you to all your suggestions on what to do with the frame I found the other day.  What great ideas you all have!

As you can see, so far I haven't done too much - I've dusted that baby off and given it a good scrub with soapy water.  Oh the grime and dust that came off.  However now it is even more beautiful than I thought. 

deep, luxurious, and most importantly not too bright, golden patina

ornate gold frame lilyfield life french furniture paint sydney

I've just plonked it down on our hallway cupboard. If you love a good before & after transformation and the magic of white paint then click through to the hall cupboardmakeover. I'm going to leave it here unpainted for a while to see if I can live with the gold. Gold usually doesn't do it for me. As you probably know if you have been reading here for a while I love white and naturals and chrome and silver and splashed of lie. I need to see if something gold can live here with me!


How beautiful are these roses?  The colours are so deep and gorgeous. Very autumnal even if it still feels like summer here in Sydney. My lovely friend & neighbour dropped them in on Saturday for me as a little thank you. I love how full and crinkly they are especially against the gold frame. 

Perhaps the gold is growing on me!

ornate gold frame french white cabinet

What say you, my friends?  Do you like it here with the roses and my sweet wooden dog?

I am leaning towards inserting a bevelled mirror into the frame and leaving it in this spot for the time being. I'll have to get a quote for the mirror - there's a great guy, Patrick, on Darling St in Rozelle who is very reasonably priced for framing and mirrors. I'm sure he can help me out.

So how was your weekend - the weather at the moment is superb isn't it!

congwong beach la perouse sydney

the beach has been superb...felt like summer ... 

congwong beach la perouse sydney

We had a wonderful weekend - dinner on Friday night at a little French restaurant near our house with friends and amazing food, French wine and lots of laughs. Le Grande Bouffe is just a fabulous place. The food is incredible, the service fantastic and there is a beautiful ambience.  

Saturday morning saw us up so early with kids playing sport at the same time in two different places. Luckily we had time to grab a coffee on the way - I sure needed it!  We also bought a new car (whoo hoo!!), I spent an hour scouring for treasures at a flea market (I'll show you what I found soon), and we had Sunday afternoon on the beach and caught up with other friends on Sunday evening.

congwong beach la perouse sydney
congwong beach la perouse sydney

Congwong Beach - definitely a new favourite. It is like swimming in paradise.  Australia really does have the best beaches in the world.

Depending on how weather goes (raining now, but it might clear??), we are heading out for a bushwalk - I love having the kids home on school holidays. Enjoy your day where ever you are.

Fiona xx

PS - Edited to add I'm so sorry to hear about the bombings at the Boston marathon. What a shock.


  1. i have a soft spot for pretty gold frames and i love it!

  2. ooh...very downton abbey...those roses are amazing!
    Bec x

  3. Really beautiful, Fiona, I love how you have styled it.

  4. I love the frame as is - it's very beautiful. I found a gold framed mirror complete with rusty chain a few years ago at a second hand store in Lilyfield (you may remember the store)and it's one of my favourite things.

  5. It's just fabulous and I love how you've put this together. Your photos are lovely. I hope you do learn to love the gold as the frame is gorgeous.
    hugs, Martha

  6. Love the frame, looks beautiful with the roses ( they are my favourite flowers ). It certainly doesn't look out of place on top of the cupboard, the lamp is gorgeous too. Best wishes Brenda

  7. That frame will certainly be perfected by a bevilled mirror, it's pretty damn good on its own too! It was a beautiful weekend - where is that beach? Looks very peaceful.

  8. Hi Fiona...I'm not a gold girl either but I currently have three gold frames in my home...one is a lovely ornate thing that has an oil painting on flowers in it ($10 at the op shop about a year ago) and I actually love it as is. The other two are mirrors...a bargain find at Fantastic Furniture, of all places - one was $40 (it is huge) and the other $25. The mirror glass is bevelled and they are just lovely. I think I will paint the mirrors but the oil painting I will leave as is. I'd leave your frame as is too :)

    Hope you are well!
    xx Karen


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