Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekending on the beaches

Hi everyone! I hope your Easter weekend has been relaxing and filled with family fun.  After spending much of last week feeling less than perfect, I've finally shaken the flu just in time for the Easter weekend. What good timing that was, for it's been a perfect weekend to spend a little time with my family, a little time pottering at home and the rest of the time out and about in this beautiful city of ours.

We've been blessed with summery weather here in Sydney.  We spent yesterday afternoon and evening on beach, swimming and body surfing as the sun set. A totally gorgeous evening.  I couldn't believe the pretty colours in the sky as the sun set.  I hope you like pretty pastel sunsets because I've posted a few photos :)

Growing up on the beach in a little coastal town, I feel very at home by the sea. I just love the sand, the surf and the fresh sea air. 

How beautiful are Aussie beaches? We are spoilt for choice, even in Sydney.  Yesterday we headed north to Manly. My tip for beaching at Manly is to head north, away from the touristy crowds near the Corso at the southern end of Manly Beach. This is Queenscliff beach, and it's just beautiful and significantly less crowded. 

This morning we packed a little picnic and headed south to La Perouse to do a bush walk and a swim. The weather got better and better and we found a "new to us" beach that was just gorgeous. While I love having a beach that we go to regularly and we know so well, it's always good to explore a little further afield and find new places.  

We had lunch and a swim at Frenchman's cove and then walked over the headland to Congwong Beach. The sea was bright turquoise and I wanted to dive right in. We'll definitely be heading back here for a swim.

Just round the bend is a little nudie beach. Gorgeous bush walk though - shame about the nude old men, particularly one elderly gent, who was greeting all the bushwalkers with a big silver ring around his enormous erection. Ha, ha, there was no missing him. I suppose we were warned by the signs!

We didn't spend too much time on the beach which was a shame as it was truly beautiful. We will definitely come again and do the full coastal walk around the headland.

So have you had any surprises when bushwalking?  What's the funniest thing you saw this weekend?

Happy Nude Day

Fiona xx


  1. Oh Fiona, you just put that out there, and now I've got dirty old men type images in my mind.

  2. why is it that those that use the nudist beaches are seedy old men and women who obviously have never used a razor?? eewwew!
    Bec x

  3. Stunning photos Fiona, those beaches are amazing. Pity about the old man... never understood the attraction of those nudie beaches!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter break

  4. Hahaha! That's terrible! Need to get that image out of my head!

    What a perfect weekend. We had beautiful weather in SE Qld too. We are so lucky!

  5. Stunning photos Fiona. Sydney has beautiful beaches! Laughing about your nudist!
    Glad you are feeling better
    Karen x

  6. We got to enjoy Friday and part of Saturday with the gorgeous Sydney weather before heading back to the other side of the world :( and not summer weather (well, not yet!). Thank you for the lovely photos and sharing your appreciation for where you live. Sometimes I feel like a lot of Aussies like to whinge and take for granted all the gorgeous scenery and experience we have to offer in our little place in the world.

  7. miss the beaches, need to get some sand between my toes

  8. Glad you were able to get out and about, pity about the bad scenery at the nudie beach!!
    I had a lovely drive up the coast in Perth to my niece's house in the northern coastal suburbs,
    what a beautiful sight, turquoise water, lots of people about. We are so lucky, then to have a lovely meal with family and happy kids (grand nieces and nephews) playing together - we all said how lucky we are.

  9. Sooooooo glad you didn't post photos of the "unusual" scenery!!!

  10. Hi Fiona,

    These are lovely pictures and the beach photos are gorgeous. Glad you are feeling better and had a nice weekend.


  11. I've always wanted to ty a nudie beach but the thought of it filled with creepy old men leering does put me off a bit! Lovely photos by the way.

  12. Maybe a nudist club would be suitable


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