Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beautiful Black Night Stands

This is a makeover where you might wonder why I bothered. The before is so beautiful.

But the owner has had them shabby chic white for twenty years now and wanted a change. Her home now has a lot of red and black and shabby chic white wasn't cutting the mustard any longer. But the night stands are too good to on-sell and they offer fabulous storage so she googled furniture painters in Sydney, loved my work and commissioned me to repaint them. After listening to her describe her home and style, I suggested ASCP Graphite for them.

These are the best built bedside tables I've seen. Made in America, solid timber, beautiful shape, dovetailed drawers. I think my client was wise to not sell them.  Look at the gorgeous stamp on the back.

The graphite makes a great background for photographing flowers on. Yesterday a friend invited me for a drink as she's having a tough time and wanted to chat. I thought a little posy of flowers might brighten her day. I gathered some roses, gardenias, oregano, hellebores and jasmine from our garden. Amazing what you can gather in two minutes, and tied up with string I thought it was very pretty and smelled divine. Heady, but hopefully calming to my friend.  I posted the above photo on facebook and there was much discussion about kindness. I think small gestures like this make life and friendships rich. I'm not big on money and grand gestures. I'd much prefer small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.

I find black furniture very hard to photography, the light makes these look patchy but they aren't in real life. I have sanded and sanded and buffed and buffed these. They are velvety smooth.

The little doggie was my mother's a child. He has been beside her front door for my whole life and now lives in my son's room. I feel very honoured to have him and we really treasure him. Amazing that he is so old and still in perfect condition. My mum sure knew how to take care of things.

The wicker basket is beautiful. I have two for sale, They are brand new and in perfect condition. Fantastic for displaying flowers, umbrellas, firewood, toys, or even as a rubbish bin. $38 each, pickup Lilyfield.

I'll be planting that hydrangea under my frangipani tree, one of the shadiest places in my garden.

Do you like the nightstands in black?
Do you believe in small kindnesses?

I'm heading out the door now to our school cocktail party, slipping into my not-so-little black dress and party shoes. It's at the Writers Centre in Callan Park, under the stars. Just beautiful and great to catch up with the other parents socially.

Wishing you a happy weekeend!

Fiona xx


  1. i love the change! they went from sweet to sophisticated!

  2. The graphite is stunning, Fiona ! They are now in the 2nd life! 💕

  3. I do believe in small kindnesses also... It is a nice feeling to do something little for someone unexpectedly. Like flowers or lemons off our tree.

  4. Love the graphite - looks sophisticated. I love home-made acts of kindness - grapefruit freshly picked off the tree, lemons, limes, herbs, lettuce, flowers, cuttings.....anything really.....makes a friend feel connected and special to have something from your own home.

  5. The bedsides look stunning and classy, they have a beautiful finish. I love classic solid pieces and you have done them proud!!

  6. Love the bedsides they are really the flowers but I really love the dog.-love dee x


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