Friday, October 4, 2013

Chalk Paint Transformation: Blue Cabinet

I was recently asked by Danielle to paint her little white Chinese style cabinet. It had been painted very haphazardly in white.  Very shabby, not so chic.

I started out by giving it all a sand to remove some of the previous paint job's brush marks and paint drips. I then spent an hour one night removing the handles and metal plaques. They were pinned in with metal loops that went through to the back of the wood and then were looped back in to the wood. Very difficult to remove!  I filled the holes with wood putty and started mixing my paint. For the drawers I sanded the surface completely clear of paint so there was no ridges where the metal bits had been. 

For this project I used some beautiful Porters Eggshell in Explorer Blue in a homemade chalk paint recipe.  The resulting paint was beautifully smooth and matte that needed no priming and took the wax beautifully.

Danielle wanted a little shelf in the cabinet so I used some of the cedar skirting board I got from the builders up the road as well as another piece of wood and cut a shelf, adhering it with Liquid Nails.

I also replaced the metal handles with some crackle porcelain handles that are made in France. After waxing I sanded and buffed the cabinet till it shone and was silky smooth.

I think the cabinet is breathing a sigh of relief in its new clothes!

Paint is such a good way to totally transform your outdated furniture. I don't think you could even imagine that this was the same piece.

The little glass blue speckled eggs are from a set that were my Mum's. We all took one each but for my birthday my step-sister gave me back one of them so I now have two. My dad had given them to my mum years and years ago and they always sat on Mum's sideboard. 

Got any furniture at your place that needs painting?
I certainly do! Still sitting at my orange pine desk....

Fiona xx


  1. love the pretty blue- it's so clean and fresh now!

  2. The speckled eggs are so pretty and look lovely sitting on the table. What a lovely shade of blue you painted it.

  3. That looks amazing! You would not know that it was the same peice! I love the colour, and yes it was crying out for a shelf too!

    And those speckled eggs are so cute. x

  4. Turned out fantasic and I really love the eggs-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, they were very special to my mum so I like having them.
      Have a good weekend Fiona

  5. What a fantastic transformation! You would never know it's the same piece

  6. Hey that is such a good save of a spent piece. I love that. Great to see some lovely home made chalk paint too. ASCP is delicious but budget is inspiring experimentation Zo (Adelaide)

  7. I truly love this transformation because I do have a blue color cabinet in my home as well. But no doubt this transformation is a great one.

  8. Love it Fiona! Looks beautiful, I love the colour. I haven't used Porters before, might have a look at it. AND I love the shelf you created :)

    1. Thanks Catherine, much nicer isn't it. I got given a heap of porters paints by another painter who was moving to France. Really lovely paint. And the shelf is such lovely skirting board. A great find!
      Hope you are going well. Haven't been reading blogs whole on holidays so looking forward to catching up


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