Friday, October 18, 2013

Turn a Sideboard into a French Provincial TV Cabinet

How to turn an old sideboard into a French Provincial TV cabinet by Lilyfield Life

Finally I have finished this sideboard that I turned TV cabinet. I started it a few weeks ago but then went away. Well I came back from holidays all motivated and inspired to finish a load of furniture I had sitting in my carport. After a few days of the paint brush not leaving my hand, I'm almost there - you can now kind of drive the car into the carport. Happy husband - tick! 

Now the finished TV cabinet is sitting in my dining room (!!) waiting to be bought by some lovely person. Will it be you?
I have to say sometimes I hate painting furniture... Not really but I do need to sort out storage space for finished pieces so we aren't having to make our family life around them. (Are you bored by my complaints of lack of space, I am! I really need to stop fussing as compared to 99% of the world our house is fine! #firstworldproblem #lovetheinnerwest)

This cabinet was bright orange and was a funny little sideboard.  Not really tall enough and very dated looking. I got some strange looks when I bought it as in "why?" but I thought it would work so well as a tv cabinet.  Check out this post for the before shots and a video walk through of my plan.

I did a lot of work on this piece. But it was worth it. I replaced the back as it was thin ply that was not in the best condition. Before I replaced the back I painted the new back and the shelves ASCP duck egg blue for a nice pop of colour. 

I painted the base of the cabinet a lovely bright white, removing the hardware to keep it the original finish. I removed the drawers and drawer runners and made shelves for the video/foxtel equipment. I also stripped, sanded and stained the top. I used my favourite walnut stain and then top coated with a sealer then waxed the whole lot for a lovely shine and durability. The white paint has been ever so gently distressed to show up the details.

I think the shape of this piece is gorgeous, that carved base is lovely! and it's a great size for a television cabinet. 

This sort of makeover is such a great before and after because I think thatnthere's nothing more dramatic in furniture painting than painting dated orange pine timber a nice crisp white. Add in a newly stained timber top and it results in classic style!

I hope that everyone is safe from bushfires. I fear it's going to be a terrible fire season in Australia this summer. We need lots of rain!

Fiona x


  1. love it with the wood top and the shelf! looks perfect!

  2. You did a terrific job on this piece hope it sells fast for you-love dee x

    1. Thanks so much Dee, I’m thinking of renting some space for my pieces to get them out of the house. Would make life much easier.

  3. Wow Fiona, it is unrecognisable as the same piece of furniture. You are magic with that paint brush. I hope it sells quickly for you, and you get your dining room back. Beth x

    1. thanks so much Beth - i've got a few people enquiring already so I don't think it will last long in the dining room.

  4. Beautiful work hun......

  5. Really awesome work you have done. It's always great to give new life to old furniture. Paint is the great idea to makeover any old furniture piece. Thanks for share.


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