Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make a Statement in Your Home

Be brave when it comes to your home.

Add a special piece to each room for a little magic to happen.  

A statement piece.

It will act as a focal point in the room. Choose something that exudes your personality and makes you smile each time you walk into the room. A piece you absolutely love.

A fantastic piece of vintage furniture 

perhaps in an unexpected colour like black

or a beautiful mirror

or two

Some oversized art work.
I know art can be expensive, but perhaps your statement piece is something you save years for. Something you have lusted for, and will treasure always - like my Laura Matthews painting.

or cheaper art
(even if you have to draw it yourself on a chalk board)

It doesn't even need to be something that costs a lot of money.

Maybe a pop of colour from bright cushions

I like each room in my house to have something really meaningful and special in it. 

A statement that shows people a little insight into the people who make the house their home.  A conversation starter. 

Even my teeny, tiny bathroom has a special statement piece:

Go on
Make a statement.

Be bold, Be brave, Be beautiful.

If you live in or near Sydney and need help sourcing a special statement piece for your home then please feel free to contact me.

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, I love the sentiment and I love your house and style!! I wish I lived closer and you could help me!
    Thanks for the daily inspiration
    Beth x

  2. I always love your posts. Love the mirrors and I agree, every room should spotlight something that makes you smile. A friendly retailer once told me, "Surround yourself with things that make you smile." I've tried to do that with milk glass, ironstone, a canvas art that I made from my daddy's old sermons, a wall of photos of my children, a display of old bottles. These make me happy.

  3. I love your house it is always so beautiful. If you come across another cabinet like what you have in your bathroom please think of me. We have put off the bathroom reno as I want an old cupboard not some brown modern one-love dee

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