Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lilyfield Life furniture: upcoming pieces

If you are looking for some special hand painted furniture for your house, my upcoming pieces are:

  • I will finally be finishing the ornately carved cabinet. I just need to finish applying the dark wax to antique it. I thought I would have finished it this week but have been busy with custom work.  I know I owe a few of you emails about this piece. 

  • Some lovely big bedside tables to be painted in Graphite.
  • A mahogany carved chest of drawers painted in Pure White - great for a hallway or bedroom. These are below - still in progress.

  • A tall chest of drawers for a bedroom
  • A vintage mahogany desk or hall table

  • A bow front hall table with gorgeous legs

the mirror is a bit bigger but very similar to this

  • A fanatically big chalkboard in an ornate frame
  • A stunning vintage lamp - probably the most beautiful lamp I've ever seen.

Or check out what I have already finished. These pieces below are ready to go.

currently for sale

You can see what I currently have for sale here.

Have a great weekend everyone. 


  1. Wow you've been busy. They all look lovely and French. Hope you sell well.

  2. I've said it before but how I wish I lived closer. your work is beautiful. stunning pieces and I look forward to seeing how your projects turn out

  3. Everything you do is always so beautiful! Can't wait to get my little table! Also, keen to learn more about this chalkboard?? Mx

    1. Oh the frame is huge and lovely. I pick it up Monday – do you want me to measure it for you. I could do a custom paint job for you. Will work out price and let you know next week
      Thanks so much, you are so kind. And the table will look perfect in your beautiful house. Can’t wait to catch up. So much to talk about!!
      Fiona x

  4. wow- you have the prettiest pieces over there!!!


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