Thursday, November 14, 2013

As yellow as I get

I have always avoided orange and yellow (except for some flowers and citrus fruits, oh, and of course egg yolks) but I recently bought a lovely duchess hall stand and when asked on Instagram what colour I should paint it, so many people suggested yellow!

I am not sure I could do the whole thing all might have thought you'd come to the wrong place :) but I did paint it a sweet custom mix off white with sunny yellow popping through on the distressing. 

 Nothing like extending your self imposed boundaries and trying out a new colour (even if it is then layer with white paint)

I actually really like it!  

This duchess would make a beautiful happy welcome home when you open your front door.

It's bigger than it looks in the photos. Dimensions are 161 cm tall, 90cm wide, 40cm deep. The drawers are very practical and slide well. They are lined with cute paper.

How sunny are these sunflowers? Gorgeous. Making me happy.

“I'll be your sun, I'll shine on you, I'll make you happy, I'll smile to you.” 
― Nouf Alfadl

Are you a fan of yellow? Need a new hall table? 
If you are interested in purchasing this please send me an email.

I have been painting loads lately but not really getting around to photographing much. I'll sort out some photos to share soon.

Oh and here's the before photo

Have a great afternoon

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona, I love it. One of my favourite pieces so far. Can you please move to Brisbane?

  2. I agree with Hannah! Lovely work Fiona - love the bit of yellow peeping through. And the sunflowers are so pretty!

    1. thanks Petra, the yellow is very sweet, slowly getting used to that part of the colour wheel!

  3. esta perfecto como todo lo que tu haces y me gustaria que vivieras en Florida'


  4. so cute! i love the yellow popping through!

    1. Slowly embracing yellow and orange – it’s a push!!

  5. This is gorgeous! Love the lined drawers too! x

    1. thanks Danielle. thought the drawers needed something extra!


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