Saturday, November 2, 2013

What I use to wax furniture

I wanted to let you know about my great discovery. I'm so thrilled with it.

I have been using a Waxwell brush to apply wax for about a year now (it's the wooden handled one below). I used to use a smaller brush (see my tutorial on selecting the right brush) but when I went to America last year I bought a Waxwell brush and just love it and recently splurged on a second one.

waxwell brush Lilyfield Life

but recently I had a brilliant idea to try using Chux cloths (those blue woven washing up cloths you buy at the supermarket) to remove the wax and shine and buff. In Ameica and Canada I think you call them J cloths - the blue or red coloured reusable multi purpose cleaning cloths - lint free!

 We bought some Chux to make Lebanese Labneh after we ate some at a friends in Brisbane and I was looking at the chux and thought this is like cheesecloth and so I tried it out and it's fantastic!  Man, I was pleased with myself. LOL.

I have tried on black, white and coloured painted pieces and it doesn't mark at all (ie leave blue marks). And it doesn't leave any fibres even on dark paint which is an absolute bonus!!

And it's cheap which is always a plus. I also just wash the chux in hot water and reuse them. Perfect.

So my process for waxing is apply with a brush, wipe off with Chux and then buff and buff and buff with another Chux. Keep a pile of them on hand as you need to rub the wax until the chux (or whatever cloth you use) slides smoothly across your waxed surface. It should not feel chalky or feel tacky. You should be able to make your furniture feel like smooth glass or velvety silk. (I know that doesn't really make sense but it's the best I can do to explain it)

I hope that helps and saves you money
(and saves you cutting up your old t-shirts and sheets)

for more information on how to apply wax to painted furniture read my other posts

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Enjoy your painting and your weekend.
Fiona xx


  1. Great idea using chux cloths! Thank you for letting us know. I will hurry to the store immediately :))

  2. I have just made a surprisingly similar discovery! £1 for 5 floor cloths and they're brilliant. I agree that it's a lot better than stealing my partner's old t-shirts to cut up :)

  3. That's a bloody marvellous idea Fiona! I use cut up sheets at present :)

  4. You, my friend, are a LEGEND! You write the most fantastic blog posts and this one is way up there in the brilliant category. I''m pinning it now, sharing it with my F/book page and grabbing that roll of Chux from under the kitchen sink to transplant in my workshop! I just waxed something today and grabbed a cloth (I just use old t-shirts or whatever clothing rags I have - being a cheapskate not to buy cheesecloth!), but in grabbing a random rag, I can never tell if it is going to leave fibres or not.
    I must email you soon about something else...

  5. why not use old facewashers? or cut up old towels .. still reusing, still can wash them ..

  6. For anyone in Canada, "J" cloths would be the equivilant. They're so versatile, definitely my go-to cleaning cloth. Great to know that they're good for buffing as well, because I'm cleaning and waxing my outdoor furniture this afternoon before I store it for the winter!

    1. just what i was hoping to hear j-cloths = chux!

  7. Good to know they work - I always thought they'd fluff a bit!!!

  8. Have to try that one Fiona. Who would of ever thought?

  9. Thank you thankyou thankyou!
    Angela x

  10. Awesome Fiona!! I recently went to war with a Graphite desk, fuzz, excess wax, two t-shirts. This idea will revolutionise my next piece. Brilliant that they can just be washed and used again. Thanks!

  11. Great little piece of info Fiona, I recently chalk painted a buffet and hutch in duck in blue and waxed over the top but the old soft linen pillowcase I used left fibers everywhere. So heartbreaking after all that work to the point where I didn't even bother waxing the hop of the hutch because I was so disappointed. I would have thought the chux would leave a colour stain (as on white carpet if you spill red wine !!!!) will definately try it out. Again, love that you are so free and generous with sharing your tips and ideas, I have gained alot of inspiration from finding you on facebook - I check your blog almost daily !!!

  12. Fantastic Fiona I love this post. You are a life saver. I was getting lint on my wax even when I thought my cloth was "lint free". I agree with everyone else. Thanks for your generosity! Kxx


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