Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Painting furniture white

Thought you might like to see a few pieces I painted white lately. All in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White for a lovely crisp bright white finish.  There is something so classical and timeless about white painted furniture that has me shunning other colours most of the time. I love this look so much.

White is fresh and clean. It shows off the ornate detail. And white furniture will make your home seem brighter and lighter. It made such a difference to our home when I painted most of our furniture white! I find our home very fresh and pretty now with most of the furniture painted white and just a few natural timber to add balance.

Such beautiful carved details on this piece.
This solid mahogany little chest of drawers would be beautiful in a hallway, or as a sofa table or a girl's room. It's not very big (90cm wide, 80 cm tall and 45cm deep).

I buffed the wax so there is a lovely glassy sheen. You can see the reflections on the top surface. Did you see my blog post on using Chux (or J cloths) for waxing? I've had so many messages and emails about that hint and how people are finding it magical! Thank you for letting me know. I understand your excitement. I can't tell you the difference it will make to your waxed furniture.

This ornately carved chest of drawers is for sale but I have several people asking after it so if you are interested in it, be quick. You can email me for details.

I also recently found a gorgeous nested set of brand new coffee tables. They had a lovely shape but were just very brown so I painted the bases in ASCP Pure White. I popped a photo on instagram and facebook and they sold very quickly much to a couple of people's disappointment who missed out. I love how you can see the detail now it's white.

So that's a few white painted furniture pieces from me. This week I'm painting a vintage bedroom suite in a softer white - a custom mix, as Pure white would be too stark for what my client is looking for.

Have a good day, enjoy the Melbourne Cup is you are celebrating. My dad sent me his tips but I'm not sure if I'll even make a bet. School pickup and all that....

and I have a date with my paint and paintbrush anyway...

Fiona x


  1. now that is a gorgeous piece of furniture!!!! love it!

  2. If only I lived in Sydney I could buy all sorts of bits and pieces from you!!! Yeah, Melbourne Cup doesn't happen in our family - too busy spending money and time on decorating!!!

  3. You have a great eye Fiona for these pieces, they are stunning.

  4. I'm so jealous of your beautiful transformations using Pure White. I finally blogged today about the 'crackling' issue I shared with you. If you have any thoughts on what may have caused the crackling, I'm all ears!
    Anyway, as always, these pieces are gorgeous!

  5. I am in LOVE with that little chest! The distressed ornate details are beautiful.

  6. Magnifique! J'adore la couleur Pure White d'Annie Sloan. Bonne journée.

  7. This is quite awesome to see this in white. It gives the Victorian feel to your interior and looks great to me as well.

  8. Just wanted to say - I love your stuff! I run a similar business in Canada and wanted to thank you for that little tip about the J cloths. It's really going to save my husbands t-shirt collection - so I'm sure he thanks you as well!

  9. A little random... but what color is the wall in your photograph? I absolutely love it.


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