Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A bit of Christmas Cheer - Reindeer beer

I love Christmas Eve, possibly even more than Christmas Day - that hint of excitement and all the preparations. We've been up early making icicle cookies and raspberry and mint sorbet. Phil went very early to the butchers to buy the loin of pork (I use this recipe from What Katie Ate) and now thanks to my thoughtful husband I'm heading off for a haircut and pedicure.

Today I'm sharing these cute beer bottles the kids and I made for one of our neighbours and also my sister's partner. I know you may have seen similar on Pinterest but they are too sweet to not share. 

What a great way to make a 6 pack of beer festive.

We were going to do 6 reindeer but the kids wanted Santa in the sleigh (aka the carry box) as well so we got some stuffing for the beards (can you believe that my son pulled it off the couch cushions as the covers were being washed. He's naughty but resourceful!)

For the Santa hats I just chopped up a little red kite bag that we had - the kite was broken so was about to throw the bag in the bin and thought that it would make a good Santa hat. Nothing like using what is on hand.

I'm almost all ready.I have one more small present to buy and I've even started wrapping some presents which is a miracle as usually I'm up late on Christmas eve wrapping.

Always a last minute kind of person.

Hope you are all feeling festive.

Fiona xx

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