Monday, December 9, 2013

Painting a Bathroom Vanity

I was recently commissioned to paint a bathroom vanity. Robyn and her husband were renovating their bathroom and wanted to reuse a timber vanity but wanted it a bright white to brighten up the room.

How to paint a bathroom vanity by Lilyfield Life

When painting furniture that is to go in places that get wet my recommendation is to use an aqua-enamel. For this piece I used Dulux Aqua Enamel in a Semi Gloss which is a beautiful paint to work with and I am very confident of its durability and its ability to withstand water damage that may occur in a bathroom.  Personally I would not use chalk paint on a vanity unless it was sealed with lacquer and to me that is more complicated than using aqua-enamel paint which requires no top coat. For the colour, Robyn chose Peplum half strength as that is what she had used on the doors and trim in the bathroom. It is a very bright stark white. 

The top and backing board was removed as Robyn was replacing the timber top with Casearstone. I received the vanity looking like it does below. I removed the doors for painting and suggested to Robyn she replaced the hinges as the original ones were quite rusty and also the doors were slightly misaligned.

I primed with two coats of zinsser and then gave it four coats of Dulux Aqua-enamel, sanding very lightly between coats. The bottom shelf was tricky to paint due to access with the paint brush so I rolled that and then lightly feathered a brush across it. When using a semi gloss paint do not sand after your last coat of paint. You will ruin the sheen.  Bad iPhone blurry photo but I lost some photos when my PC died a few weeks ago. I left the doors off because I wanted the maximum amount of curing time for the paint.

How to paint a bathroom vanity by Lilyfield Life

How to paint a bathroom vanity by Lilyfield Life

Here is the bathroom before-hand

and now after Robyn's renovation. Stunning isn't it and what a difference.  As well as the vanity I also painted the mirror frame.  Robyn also had the beautiful lead light window made. I really love it; a gorgeous feature in her new bathroom.  BTW her tapware is Brodware, the same brand as the ones I have in my bathroom. They are such high quality tapware and an Australian company.

How to paint a bathroom vanity by Lilyfield Life

How to paint a bathroom vanity by Lilyfield Life

Robyn gave me some lovely feedback which is always greatly appreciated. "Thank you for the lovely job you did painting the vanity and mirror frame, They look much better....The vanity is lovely...Thank you for painting the vanity and inspiring me with your blog, I will have to have a go at painting some furniture myself"

If you would like any of your furniture custom painted please contact me for a quote. 

Fiona x


  1. you are so skilled Fiona at not only painting but also at knowing what paint to use where. I love how Robyn's bathroom. You did a great job on the vanity. Hannah

  2. Both are stunning, love your work

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    1. Thanks Marita – how are your renovations going? Will you have the house all ready for Christmas?


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