Monday, December 16, 2013

Painted Shop Cabinets

I thought you might like to see some shop cabinets I painted recently for a couple of local shops. The first two were for Belinda who owns Bella Emporio Rozelle. She has some wonderful things in her shop (clothes and gifts) and wanted few of her timber framed glass
cabinets to blend in more with the other fittings so people would look inside the cabinets and see the stock rather than the cabinetry standing out.

This little cabinet started out an orange pine so one night while Phil lay on the couch watching tv (can you see him?) I painted it in ASCP Paris grey.

Once it was all painted, distressed, waxed and the glass cleaned again I took it back to Belinda's beautiful shop. Here is is all loaded up with beautiful things.

I also painted a beautiful long legged cabinet in a custom mix of ASCP Pure White and Old White. This was awkward to move far so I decided to paint it in my bedroom as it meant it was out of way of my kids. I would hate to break a client's furniture.

You can see below that I don't tape off the glass. Chalk paint is very forgiving and easy to get off.

A hard piece to photograph but here it is finished.

And look here's the drawers Belinda bought from me.

and an Instagram filter makes it so dramatic

And the other little cabinet comes with a funny story. One day I was out walking the Bay Run with Charlie, my dog. I came across a very old vintage bathroom vanity cabinet in a rubbish heap. What's a girl to do. I've got Charlie on the lead on one hand and about 4 km walk from home still. But it's fantastic and I'm sure I can think of something to do with it. So I decide to carry it. It's a bit grungy but I can cope. I walk past my kids' school and it's recess and they are playing on the grass and see me walking by and come over. Mummy why are you carrying a cupboard?  You think they'd ask...but they are children of a furniture thrifter so they just say hi Mummy what are you going to make with that?

I cleaned it and painted it white inside, leaving the original chipped paint on the outside. It had no back or no glass and I wasn't sure what to do with it, yet so many options but then the other day I was talking to my friend Maritsa who owns Precious in Rozelle and she asked me to keep an eye out for a display cabinet. I told her I had a quirky vintage one she could have as a gift.

so the moral is don't be afraid to pick up junk from the side of the road. Don't you love how Maritsa is using the nails that once held the glass in.

How beautiful is all this

If you have any last minute shopping to do then why not visit these beautiful shops

Bella Emporio is at 
636 Darling St, Rozelle


Shop 1/746 Darling st Rozelle

I have so much still to do but am making myself not panic - paint not panic!

Fiona xx

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  1. Lovely cabinets for shops. For a few seconds, until you showed the photo, I thought you were carrying a much bigger cupboard home! Still, it would've been a hoik with a dog, and 4kms - ? You are game! My husband bought home years ago from the outside of someone's home on a rubbish heap, a 3-legged edwardian-styled dressing table - we never got around to finding a 4th leg, but we sold it for $100 :-)


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