Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday snaps

For the last few years we've been coming to Adelaide for our beach holiday... Mainly because it barely rains in summer here.  People always look at us a bit weirdly when we say we go to Adelaide for beach holidays but I would hate to pay for a holiday and have it rain for the week. Anyway I love the calm beach, the lack of crowds and the lack of humidity here. 

Beautiful beaches, friendly people and sunshine all equal relaxation. That coupled with beautiful fresh produce and food and wonderful local wines it's a winning combination. We love going to the Central Markets here also. 

And the sunsets with the sun setting over the beach is just beautiful. Last night Phil and I had a couple of drinks in the hotel's bar and watched this beauty unfold. So peaceful. 

This is our rooms view. Not bad seeing as I forgot to book the room until last minute and when I booked there were only non ocean facing rooms but when we arrived the hotel manager upgraded us. We stay at the Stamford Grand in Glenelg and love it- right  on the beach. 

Hope you are all finding some time to unwind also. I'm sitting here in the beach blogging from my iPhone. Technology is pretty amazing! 

Cheers Fiona 


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