Friday, January 24, 2014

Doing Something I love for Someone I love

I am very close to my sister and luckily we live very near each other so our kids are close as well. It's lovely to be able to do something nice for her; especially when what she asked of me, was something I love doing.

She has recently bought a new wrought iron bed and wanted a silver bedside table for next to it. When she asked me to help her source one, I said I already had a fantastic one in my stash, all ready to paint. It's tall and probably more of a side table but she said that it would still suit.

I painted it silver as per my guide here and I spray painted the handle chrome. Painting with metallic silver pint is a little more tricky than using normal paint as every single brush mark shows with the sheen so you just need to take your time and plan your brush strokes before you start. 

I hope my gorgeous sis likes it!

Fiona xx


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