Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White Paint Colours for Furniture - my selection

I get asked all the time what is the best colour white for painted furniture. It's very hard for me to answer as I think colour is such an individual preference.

I can, however, let you know what I use and like and show you some examples of each colour white.

My favourites are:

A very bright white: Dulux Lexicon Quarter Strength.
I am a big fan of bright whites. I think they really brighten up a room and make everything clean and fresh looking. My dining room sideboard and my hall cabinet are both Lexicon quarter strength. I only use quarter strength as i think the full strength Lexicon has too much blue undertones for my liking.

Another bright white I love is Annie Sloan Pure White. This has absolutely no tint at all so you will need several (up to 5) coats for full coverage but it's so worth it for a pop of brightness.

The french drawers in my bedroom are ASCP Pure White and it goes beautifully with chrome fittings.

The trim in our house is straight untinted paint as is our bathroom vanity. Professional painters will tell you that you should never use untinted paint - it will just mean you need more coats but sometimes I love that vivid brightness.

 For a very french feel I love Dulux Limed White in quarter strength with Limed White full strength on the details.  I would nominate Dulux Limed White (in all strengths) as my most French Provincial colours.

My dining room chairs are also Dulux Limed White quarter strength using home made chalk paint and drop sheets for the upholstery.

This desk was done with both Dulux Limed white full strength and quarter strength. Such a great neutral colour combination.

I love Dulux Whisper White for a slightly softer white (than ASCP pure white or Lexicon). It still isn't edging anywhere near off white or cream but is not stark.

Annie Sloan Old White is slightly too cream for my own liking. It's just got a fraction too much yellow in it once it's waxed for me, but each to their own as I know a lot of people swear by Old White. Both these pieces below are Old White - beautiful but too cream for my house.

I will often mix ASCP Pure White and Old White together to get a mid-white which is fantastic. Vary the ration to suit yourself but 3/4 Pure White and 1/4 Old White is a great start. The photo below is a shocker to show you proper colours with all those shadows and afternoon dappled light but you can hopefully get the idea.

If you are after a cream, I great colour paint I found recently is Dulux Magnolia. I painted Danielle's little dressing table this recently and I thought it was the perfect vintage cream, not too yellow.

I am almost always happy to share details of the paint and colour I use in my projects so please feel free to ask if you see something I have painted and you want to know the details.

What are your favourite whites?


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  1. Wow...what an informative post - love seeing all of the furniture you've transformed and seeing new to me whites.

    1. glad to help. yes lots of white painted furniture out of my studio -love that look and it always sells well.

  2. I like a color called 'Creamy' by Sherwin Williams. A warm white, but not as yellow as Old White. I'm still looking for the perfect warm white amoungst chalk paint makers :)

    1. I need a good warm white - i might have to look into the colour recipe for that one Cindy, thanks

  3. Hmmm. I really thought I was going to get away with 2 coats of ASCP pure white - little did I know ;-). 3 coats and still going.... I'm pleased with how it is looking so far..... just waiting for the weather here in Melbourne to drop from the 40s!
    Cheers Karen

    1. yes i don't think you can ever get away with two coats of white. always bank on at least four and then remember that top coating always makes the white a little translucent so it just means your white needs to be even more thick. (if that makes sense)

    2. Thanks for your advice, Fiona. I'll keep going....

  4. So generous thanks

  5. Thanks Fiona, I have decided to do my dining room chairs and table in Lexicon 1/4 strength, did you seal yours when finished to protect them?

    Roxanne Salt

  6. My favorite all time white is Behr Swiss Coffee. Not to yellow, or blue or gray. It is creamy but not too creamy. Probably very similar to half AS Old White and Pure White mixed together.


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