Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I scored a French sofa

Every now and then the Second-Hand Furniture Gods smile down on me and let their bountiful magnificence rain down.  Last week was one such occasion. I came home with this beautiful French toile lounge. 

We have had our other cream lounge for 17 years and I've recovered it once about 5 years ago and it's a little tired (we constantly wash the cushion covers). So when I saw this last week and was able to buy it for an extremely reasonable price I decided to go ahead and bring it home and then make a choice between this one and the old one. 

The timber is beautiful - not too shiny either so I think I won't even touch this sofa. The upholstery is also in wonderful condition.

I hope my husband likes it and lets me keep it.

Otherwise I'll be listing it for sale!

Today is the last day of school holidays and the kids and I have been lugging furniture all morning - I also have bought a divine side table that I'll be painting and listing for sale soon. We are off to the pool for the afternoon to cool down.

Have fun

Fiona xx


  1. its lovely Fiona suits you and your house-love dee x

  2. I absolutely love this sofa..totally my style..wish I could come across things like that here but Toile is never going to be a thing you would see here in Portugal, the style of the furniture yes but they prefer to work with leather! I do like leather sofa's but they can seem a little harsh not the "I know I'm gonna really enjoy sitting on you" feeling of a soft stuffed sofa! I wouldnt change a thing and would definitely keep it!

  3. Couches appear in a number of various dimensions, from modest two-seater new sofa which can be excellent if you have limited space inside their properties to be able to substantial three-seaters with regard to loved ones properties or maybe for those who love to actually stretch out, so you need to workout which kind associated with couch finest meets your own residence.


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