Monday, December 1, 2014

Latest available pieces from Lilyfield Life

Good morning! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. We were wanting to spend sometime on the beach but in between house chores, some school posters to be made, my son dancing with his school dance group at the Rozelle Festival and sport we didn't make it. Anyway I did do some painting and I have a few little pieces for sale if you need to sort out your house before the Christmas festivities or even if you are feeling generous and want one as a present for a loved one. 

Go on - Spoil yourself (or someone else).

Duck Egg Cupboard

An ASCP Duck egg rustic cupboard and 4 drawers. Solid timber. Dimensions 60cm wide by 42 cm deep by 74cm tall. Perfect for a big bedside, lamp table, hallway: a great for a pop of colour in any spot really. SOLD

I really love ASCP Duck Egg over dark timber such as this mahogany cupboard (not so much over orange pine or paler timber). I have distressed this cupboard slightly so you can see traces of white paint and the timber through the duck egg paint. It gives it a lovely soft worn look. Although a piece of jagged timber gave me a humongous splinter when I was sanding. The cabinet is all smooth now but I'm pretty sure there's still a sliver of it in my finger. I'm hoping it works its way out soon.

Pale Grey Hall Cupboard

Painted in a soft pale taupey-grey that I mixed (a lovely pebble colour) then antiqued with dark wax and very lightly distressed. Beautifully smooth paint work. (I always do a lot of sanding) Perfect for a narrow hall or small space. Dimensions are 90cm wide, 32cm deep and 79cm tall. For sale $425. Pickup Lilyfield.

I think this piece is one that looks better in real life than in photos. The paint is a lovely colour. I'm more than happy for people to come and inspect. Just let me know.

I had several people ask me about the woven chair that is in the above photo. I love this chair. I think it's one of the nicest things that I've done. I upholstered it a few years ago and it's still looking good.

It's not for sale (and never will be!) although I'm tempted to do another so let me know if you are interested.

White French Style Coffee Table

This piece has already sold. Well sort of sold as I swapped it with my neighbour for some pilates lessons. My hips are a little sore since I've started running (...if you can call it that) again and my neighbour is a wonderful pilates instructor so when she wanted this coffee table as a little table for her grandchildren we did a deal.

We were using this coffee table for a while as our own but I recently found a couple of ones that I love so I decided to sell this one so repainted it in Dulux Natural White and as Marg is using it for kids, I used scrubbable paint and also gave it two coats of Porters All Purpose Sealer for extra durability.

I also am almost finished painting that lovely mirror in the corner. Can you believe that the frame is actually a heavy plastic? 

Vintage Oak Cupboard

This is an interesting little cupboard that I found recently. Lovely old oak with vintage timber castors and the most beautiful handle. I painted it in ASCP Pure White and wax for protection. To give it a soft shabby chic look, I lightly distressed the edges. So pretty (especially with those fading peonies). SOLD.

I'm hoping to get a few more pieces finished this week so check back if you are looking for anything.

yours in paint and a love of vintage stuff
Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona, you've been so busy. I love them all and wish I lived closer
    Tan x


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