Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Simple Christmas and thousands of Santas

I am married to Mr Christmas. Phil just loves everything related to Christmas - celebrating life with loved ones, the food, the decorations, the carols. Me? I'm a bit more of a grinch. I can take Christmas or leave it but as with most things Phil's infectious enthusiasm usually wins me over. I decided early on in our marriage to just go along with all his suggestions and I always end up enjoying myself. I do love being married to someone with great ideas who makes life fun.

This year we aren't putting our big tree up as we don't have room. I'm allergic to real trees especially as they start to wilt. I just end up sneezing and sneezing so we have a very good artificial tree. I keep asking my builder where can we store the tree - I need a space to store the tree. We've decided there will be a little mezzanine in the new shed for it. I'm actually looking forward to Christmas next year already as our big tree is going to look fabulous in the new lounge room.

This year we are making do with this little potted tree we bought at the Orange Grove markets. We found the pom pom lights at Myers - they are battery operated so it makes it easy. The ceramic stars are from Marley and Lockyer - our names on each of them and then one with Peace and one with Joy. The burlap cover is from Bunnings and is plastic lined so we can water the tree easily. I think this little corner is very simple and pretty.

Below is our tree from last year. It's just made me think I need to sort out where we are putting the presents this year. I don't want to give the kids too much. I'm not a fan of over the top present giving. our kids don't need anything anyway. New beach towels and a few small things will do. I love that French Provincial coffee table that I painted white and re-stained the top last summer. I always wonder if I should have kept that one but I know that Miriam loves it also.

Oh well you can't keep them all. 
To be honest I'm a bit overloaded with lovely coffee tables at the moment and I'll be listing two square french style ones shortly.

Another Christmas event that Phil talked me into was the 5km Variety Santa Run. You've never seen so many Santas. I can't tell you how hot it is running in those nylon Santa suits. 

But what a run! - from Darling Harbour, through the city and the Rocks, along Circular Quay and ending up at the Opera House forecourt.  Even if it was the morning after our street Christmas party I really enjoyed it and we'll do it again next year.

Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas and not finding it too stressful.
Fiona xx


  1. My parents have had a fake tree for many years now and mom says she wishes someone could make a box on wheels so she could just slide her decorated tree into it, close it up and roll into the garage until next year. She hates taking all the ornaments off, packing them away and then doing it over and over every year. I like her idea! I could go for one, too,.

  2. oh my gosh- it's summer there i know so i cannot imagine running in that suit!!!!

  3. It all looks beautiful Fiona. I think we need to get away from the idea that bigger is always better. We've gone pretty minimalist with our tree this year. It's a live one (is it really live now??), but much smaller than usual. We've only done angel and baubles, and it looks so much more restful!

    Who painted the beautiful gum tree painting? I love it.

    Wollongong has a Santa pub crawl, which raises money for charity. They probably don't get quite as hot as you did though, as although they're packed shoulder to shoulder, they get their share of liquids!


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