Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Painted Furniture Inspiration - ASCP Paris Grey

I love ASCP Paris Grey for painted furniture. It's a soft grey with an undertone of blue and in some lights it reads almost lavender. Mixed with white, it forms a dove grey.  It's one of my go-to colours for painted furniture and I find it very versatile and easy to live with. Every now and then, I do wonder if grey furniture will lose its popularity sometime soon but really, the French and Swedish have been painting furniture in a soft grey for hundreds of years I think we are okay.

If you want to paint some furniture with this beautiful paint colour, then here is some inspiration for you. 

via Oliver and Rust
via Sally White Designs


via Leslie Stocker
Another great thing about Paris Grey is its very good opacity and paint coverage. Generally two coats is all you will need. I love the mix of ASCP Paris Grey as a base, ASCP Pure White on the details and then dark antiquing wax to age the piece. This is a piece of mine that I am very proud of. My friends bought it and it's lovely that I get to visit it.

and some other pieces I have painted in ASCP Paris Grey are below. Can you tell I love it?

and how beautiful is this one below from La Vie en Rose?

Have you painted any furniture in ASCP Paris Grey lately? What other greys do you love?

Fiona xx


  1. Thanks for the inspiration Fiona, you have given me some great ideas, They are all very lovely, Beth x

  2. I really love the elegance of La Vie en Rose. Truly, this is a inspiration for us to do our DIY furniture painting to transform the furniture into a brand new one so that it will create a new ambiance to our house most respectively. Thank you very much for sharing this blog. I highly recommend this. :)


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