Monday, December 29, 2014

Reader's Project - Beth's Bed

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a lovely, fairly quiet time, I'll share more soon of what we are up to but today I wanted to share a fabulous painted furniture project by one of my readers. Beth asked for some advice on painting her bedroom suite and when she was finished she sent me photos. I love the amazing bed now in white. The details are stunning.

Beth used a locally made white paint (she's american) so I can't give you details but, seriously, either a sample pot of white paint from your local hardware store or a tin of chalk paint will be a great start.

So much detail on the bed, I think the white paint and light distressing really bring out the details. If you want to undertake a project like this yourself I have a great tutorial for painting vintage furniture that can be found here. (Link on heading below)

Lilyfield Life's Guide to painting furniture

I just love seeing how I've possibly inspired and helped readers with their projects so send me some photos of any painted furniture that you do.

Beth also had some old nightstands that originally belonged to her grandmother. She wanted to fix them up as they were faded and the veneer warped and peeling. We discussed what to do and Beth ended up peeling off the veneer, sanding the timber underneath and staining and top coating.  This is an involved process (peeling off old veneer) so if you decide to do it make sure you aren't impatient and in a rush.  Don't they look great!

Have you got any projects around the house lined up for over the Christmas break? I am painting some bedside tables and a coffee table but if the weather improves I'll be spending a lot of time on the beach with my sweet family.

Fiona xx


  1. I love what Beth had done with her bed. The way she has highlighted the flower detail makes the piece come alive. I painted my whole bedroom suite ASCP Duck egg blue and now wish I had gone with the old white. Oh well it can be painted again. I also like the bedside cupboards but would not have liked to strip the veneer. Absolutely beautiful.


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