Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First piece for 2015: Coastal Coffee Table

Hello my paint friends, I picked up my paint brush for the first time in a while again the other day and painted my first piece of furniture for 2015. Actually that's not entirely true as I've been painting the side of the house in a multitude of greys, whites and beige trying to decide on a house colour. After about 8 sample pots we've settled on the first colour I chose. I was dead set of Dulux Limed White for the house but Phil wasn't sure so we looked at heaps of other colours when finally he decided he did like Limed White after all...

Anyway I painted a pine coffee table that I've had in my stash since before Christmas. It's a lovely shape with some nice detail.  It was quite dirty when I got it so I have it a good clean, sanded it down and painted it in layers of ASCP French Linen, Paris Grey and Old White. As I don't like using a wax finish on coffee tables as I don't think it's durable enough I used a polyacrylic sealer for protection. Before top coating, I lightly sanded it to make the paint smooth and lightly distress the edges and details. I changed over the pine handles to little crystal knobs. 

The coffee table has gorgeous variations in colour and lots of rustic detail. I didn't sand out all the age and variations as I really like the rustic detail. Perfection is not what this coffee table is about. It's for sale for $325 but I'm hoping for a quick sale so I'll be willing to negotiate.  Two drawers. 90cm square and 43cm tall. Pickup Lilyfield.

I have a lot of furniture projects lined up (like these gorgeous mirrors) and lots of renovation stuff also. These next few months will involve a lot of painting I think. The house is getting rendered today and it looks great already (although the renderer keeps telling me that it doesn't look good at all yet and it's going to be so much better!)

Hope you have a great day - we are off to look at ceiling fans and chandeliers and then the beach for a swim. I love having Phil home on holidays.

Fiona xx


  1. Love that coffee table Fiona, I don't know where you find all your furniture but its heaven...the mirrors are to die in Portugal second hand furniture is so expensive and I really mean expensive! But I bought a lovely yellow pine apothacary cabinet the other was expensive but I think its gonna look great after I have used all your useful painting tips!

  2. I love your French style coffee table. Are you going to sell it? Thanks.

    1. This coffee table? Yes it's for sale . I have another one that isn't for sale but it's from a while ago. Are you in Sydney

    2. The other French style one (rectangle one). I am in US :(

    3. I've done quite a few coffee tables but if you mean the one with the slats that I made out of our BBQ table then ok it's not for sale- my husband loves it!

  3. Hi Fiona. Recently found you on the net. I was wondering if you have ever spray painted Chalk Paint and if so what spray paint machine do you use? I have a couple of big pieces I need to do and have seen a few on American sites that have been sprayed but the spray guns are not available here and the only ones I've seen locally are hugely expensive. I've only been using Chalk Paint for a year and still have a lot to learn. Thanks. Gail

  4. hey Fiona -

    I like your limed white! the view from here is it's just enough taupe to keep it from being a plain brown.

    Listen, do you have a philosophy/insight about layering your colours on furniture? I generally lay down the lightest shade first, the darkest next and the midtone last, so that neither 'extreme' tone is left, unadulterated, floating on top (course theres always glazing, distressing etc possible overtop as well.) I would be interested to learn how you approach the order of your layers, or whatever ideas you have about this!



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