Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Toned Dining table

Yesterday afternoon I was covered in paint head to toe and exhausted but very happy as I finished painting Victoria's dining suite. As lovely as Victoria is, I really didn't want to have to go back a third day to complete it so I powered on, not stopping, and made sure I got it finished.

After giving the chairs a very good sanding, I spray primed the chairs for speed and good coverage and then hand (brush) painted a couple of coats of the white paint. I used a low sheen scrub-able paint in the colour Dulux Lexicon Half as Victoria wanted a nice bright white. Victoria and her husband bought the table and chairs 10 years ago in NZ. I think the timber is Rimu. The table top has worn extremely well and so we decided to leave it as is. I painted the apron and legs only to freshen it all up. 

It looks great under a large pendant from Shady Designs. The rug was $200 from IKEA.

I have to say I absolutely hate painting chairs and these might be the last I accept for a while. I hate turning down work but would much prefer painting drawers and cupboards.

On the renovation front, I came home to a fully rendered house, the upstairs outside is painted, the bathrooms are finished, the gutters are all on and the floorboards are finished being laid. It seems like everyone was working like a demon today. I'll have photos next week.

Have a good weekend
Fiona xx

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  1. Hi Fiona, well done. it looks great and your client must be very happy. have a great weekend, I am looking forward to seeing the house update. Beth x

  2. Great job Fiona! Everything you do turns out beautiful. :)

  3. Painting chairs is not fun at all. You did a great job. I too prefer chests and tables, but not the legs. I always love white!


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