Friday, January 23, 2015

Subway tiles - Bathroom Renovation Progress

Hello lovelies, it's been a while and so thanks for hanging in here with me. The house progress is hurtling towards completion. I think the builders are actually having some fun as we didn't use an architect and so we are making a lot of design decisions as we go along and it's a very successful union of design and practicality. Phil and I are absolutely thrilled with the house and there are some really neat features. 

I thought I'd share the bathroom progress today. We have modestly sized bathrooms but the house has three bathrooms now (the downstairs original bathroom, an ensuite for me and Phil and then a bathroom for the kids) so they don't need to be big. Saying that the new bathrooms are both 1.8m by 2.4m so it's spacious enough.

Subway tiles still to be grouted

I chose a grey floor tile (ceramic, with a marble like vein in it) and white subway tiles for the walls. I actually ordered matte tiles but the company delivered the wrong ones and I didn't realise till all 39 boxes of tiles were upstairs, up a ladder. The company, Archstone in Rozelle, was very gracious (as it wasn't their mistake as they were out of stock and had bought the tiles from a third party who had made the mistake) and they offered to climb up the ladder and get all the tiles and replace them with the matte tiles but seriously what a waste of resources and time so I decided to stay with the gloss tiles. Now I am very happy I did as the gloss looks fantastic and the tiles are brighter white than the ones I'd originally chose and as a consequence the rooms are brighter. Some mistakes work out for the best.

This bathroom still needs to be grouted. The floor will have sand and cement as grout so it's a dark grey and the walls I've chosen Misty Grey which is quite light. The bath is a 1700mm Kaldewei Dynaset bath. We have the 1500mm version downstairs and absolutely love it. It's a full steel bath. For the upstairs bath we opted for a multifiller so there is no bath spout and water comes out the round thing on the end of the bath which is also how you lift the plug.

This morning the tilers, Felice and Sonny, are grouting the master ensuite. I love it so far! We have a big walk in shower at the end of the bathroom and then a wall hung basin and toilet. Storage is overhead medicine cabinets. Very simple and streamlined.

The guys are wonderful tilers and have done a beautiful job. If you are looking for a tiler I can definitely recommend them. Email me if you want their contact details.

The plumber is coming next week to finish the fit out of the bathrooms. The end is in sight!

Fiona xx


  1. Thanks for the update on the bathroom - I'm always looking for ideas as mine is very uninspiring! My bathroom is about the same size as yours however, I'm in an apartment and it is in the windows!! I didn't realise how much I would hate that until after I had bought it. I'm thinking of doing the floor to ceiling subway tiles as well but I worry with no window, it may turn into a cave. I also need to win lotto before I start so I'm collecting as much info as I can. Rosemary

    1. Rosemary our downstairs bathroom only has a skylight in it and no windows and its fantastic. tiles all the way to the ceiling and not cave like at all. good luck with it.

    2. Thanks for the feedback/info - much appreciate - I wonder if the people in the unit above me would let me put in a sky light (hahaha). R


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