Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A console, a trunk for friends, and why don't kids listen to their mother

Good morning! I think someone forgot to tell the weather it is already autumn. It's going to be hot in Sydney today and I've just been trying to tell my son that he should wear shorts to school instead of long pants. It is a dress up as a desert today and he wants to wear his red jeans. I walked away when he became argumentative. Not sure why I bother. It's up to him if he chooses to be hot. 

Yesterday I finished a lovely french style console. It's made from a South African hardwood and is unbelievably heavy and hard. I know it's hard because I had to drill new holes for new handles :) I thought I was going to snap off my drill bit.

I decided to leave the top it's natural timber but I polished and sealed it for a lovely smooth finish. For the base I painted it with ASCP French Linen and washed it with pure white for a driftwood effect. I then sealed it with wax. It is lovely and smooth also.

French Style console table
140w x 53d x 77h cm.
and the Pineapple lamp and shade is $175
Happy to make an appointment if you are interested. Email or call me 0405766445.

I have also restored a NZ Rimu trunk for some friends. My friends got this trunk as a wedding present: it honestly was looking bad after many years of marriage, a three kids, knocks and bumps and a million cups of coffee. I sanded it back to silky smoothness and finished it in a hard wearing poly and then wax: good for many more years of happy marriage.

and before: (well almost before - you can see that I've started sanding on the left side)

....OMG just as I was typing this I had a call from school saying Jonty is sick and faint and can I come get him? OVERHEATED! in those bloody jeans.  He's home now, a cool shower, eating some ice and wearing the shorts. And that is why you should listen to your mother....

yours in expasperation.
Fiona xx


  1. You did another great job! It is beginning of spring here in Oregon!

  2. Well I was all set to say i'd wear my red jeans in a desert IF I could still fit into them, but instead I will say that the best of mothers words are always underlined by personal experience, and I am betting this is one battle you will not have to wage again! Perfect mothering, perfect painting - soldier on my dear!

  3. As a mother myself, your blog today made me laugh out loud as I was eating my lunch and lettuce went onto the bench!

    I'm a decorative painter also and I love your blog! Keeps me going. And with a 7 and 4 year old...sometimes I need the inspiration!


  4. Ha ha ha. Kids. You can live with 'em, and you can't kill them. Sigh. Ha ha. Hope Jonty is feeling much better and has added another 'Mum Lesson' to his experiences.

    I love the console, Fiona. It's beautiful! The handles/pulls are gorgeous! Do you sell these?
    Cheers, Liz.

    1. PS That should read you CAN'T live with 'em. How to ruin a good pun. :(


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