Friday, April 15, 2016

More Luscious Blues

I had gorgeous teal paint left over from when I painted the layered secretaire so yesterday when I picked up a small carved trunk I knew exactly how I wanted to paint it.

A quick and easy project. Love it when that happens. I gave the piece a good sand to even out the old timber and remove the varnish. The a good coat of my teal custom mix and once that was dry I did a wash of turquoise chalk paint.  Once it was all dry I gently distressed the piece and waxed it. 

I love it!

While I had the teal paint on my brush I decided to be bold and paint a vintage resin mirror that I bought from an old Italian family last week in Concord. Te mirror was brown and gold and a bit tacky to be honest but in perfect condition. The guy I bought it from said his parents never allowed the kids into the formal part of the house so everything was completely brand new and pristine despite being 50 years old.

I think the mirror looks amazing - such a great pop of colour.

The kids and I are off to go treasure hunting as I have pretty much painted all my stock.  I will be listing another gorgeous mirror on social media tonight. You can find me below if you are interested:

have a good day
Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona, both look absolutely gorgeous! I love the teal - great colour!

  2. The mirror looks like the type of carving they did here in Portugal back in the day on beds, mirrors, wardrobes and mirrors. It looks so typically portuguese in style...maybe it was just a trend back in those days but of course it wasn't resin it was carved wood! I love it!

  3. I know you say it was a quick easy project but it's one of my favourites. Maybe because I just love that colour. I painted my daughter's wardrobes in a blue/green and I don't think I'll paint anything white ever again I just love it that much. Problem though as I have 4 cans of white ASCP in my garage! I'll just have to tint them:-) Love your work as always Fiona


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