Monday, April 4, 2016

Layered Sapphire Blue French Style Secretaire

I meant to write this earlier but my day got away from me with painting and furniture pickups. I have some lovely pieces coming up that I am really happy with. I was blessed to grow up on the beautiful Sapphire Coast in a small town, Eden. We spent weekends on the long golden beaches, on our boat on Twofold Bay or bush walking and camping in the surrounding National Parks.

The deep blue ocean of that part of Australia was my inspiration for this lovely vintage secretaire.

For this piece I first mixed a gorgeous deep teal using ASCP Florence, Aubusson, Graphite and another deep blue paint I had on had. I had sanded and primed the desk before painting as it was particularly glossy and so I did two to three coats of the teal for lovely full coverage and then once it was all dry I did a wash of ASCP Napoleonic Blue. I painted the handles in rose gold and brushed some on the front decoration as well. 

I love the sweet little handles on the slides that hold the desk front. They are the sweetest little things I've ever seen. For the inside of the desk I painted in a pale grey that I'm not entirely sure what it is as it's from a previous project but it's probably Paris grey, French Linen and lots of white. I then waxed the whole piece.

I find it very difficult to photograph blue exactly as it really depends on the light but this is just beautiful. Very deep and lush.

Dimensions are 85w x 115h x 40d cm 
(desk down depth is 82cm in total). 
Pickup Lilyfield 
(inspection welcome by appointment)

I'd love to hear what you think of the piece as well as my beautiful hometown?
Fiona xx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous piece, Fiona. Your hometown as well.

  2. Love the desk and the color of the handles! That was a great idea!

  3. beautiful ocean and rocks... great colour too Fi

  4. Fiona, you've made such a beautiful piece - that blue is incredible, and with the light paint inside - gorgeous :-)

  5. This color is so pretty I think I could use it and love it. Great job! I'll be on the lookout for one of these French desks for a guest room.


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