Friday, April 29, 2016

I've got the blues

I find it very difficult to correctly photograph bright blues. I don't have great lighting in my studio (as it used to be our bedroom). I have plans to add some better lights but time slips away and I keep putting off calling the electrician. Add this to the fact that I took all these photos in the evening and you don't get a good representation of colour. I need to do some research into capturing blue hues better.

I decided to paint some more pieces in that beautiful deep teal that I have been using recently. It seems that people can't get enough of it. 

Below is a better photo of the colour. Colours like these with lots of tint have great coverage and make painting a breeze. I may never paint anything white again...

I immediately sold the Balinese drawers above and had several disappointed potential customers so I searched for another tall boy and painted it the same. One more happy customer :)

I've used a filter on the photo above and it goes part way to capturing the correct teal colour. I really think you need lots of natural light to capture blues correctly and sometimes then it's hard.

Here are the pine drawers before - so well made and in great condition but an awful orange hue from the varnish ageing.

I'll share tomorrow some pale blue pieces I have finished also. 
A lot of blue paint in my studio! 
A lot of paint full stop. 
Just the way I like it.

Fiona xx


  1. Do you shoot in RAW format? It has better color and you can edit and then save as a JPEG.

  2. I believe its the green hues in that teal blue which is the problem. I for the life of me could not get green to photograph it was my most hardest colour when I made jewellery to photograph. It doesn't make any difference shooting in RAW format and then saving to a JPEG. I have tried every way you can imagine and have taken 100s of photographs but still green is a problem. I was looking on the Debenhams website today in fact and came across a lime green summer top, the colour was so washed out you wouldn't have known it was green unless they looked more like palest yellow, this is a big company so you would expect them to get the colour correct. So maybe you shouldn't be beating yourself up about this maybe its just the colour and not you!

    1. thanks so much for that info Di. i will not beat myself up then xx

  3. Beautiful painted pieces as always Fiona. That lovely white planter with those lavender flowers are becoming synonymous to me anyway with your blog. Love your work.
    Happy Painting

    1. Thank you so much Marie, yes I love that pot! Hope it doesn’t get boring

    2. No, it's a classic Fiona it will never get boring.

  4. where did you source your glass drawer knobs? the only ones I can find are $110 each or $1 from Hong Kong on Ebay-not sure if to trust them.


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