Monday, April 18, 2016

Beautiful marble topped French cabinet and around home

Good morning, Hope you all had a great weekend. Phil had a cold and needed rest so we had a fairly quiet one. Some chores on Saturday resulting in a nice clean house and of course our ritual of the farmers markets. So good to have such a great resource so local. 

Yesterday morning the kids slept in and the house was lovely and quiet till 9am. Phil and I went for a walk and coffee and then home to relax over poached eggs until the children woke. Very nice.  During the day, I took the kids out to a movie and it was lovely to sit and snuggle with them and laugh at the silly movie.

Last week I bought a lovely chair for the lounge room (for the tv side of it so we don't have to drag around the chairs pictured above). It's a gorgeous French oak chair. I'm not a fan of the gold upholstery and will eventually recover it in a nice linen.

Anyway back to the marble topped french cabinet. When I bought it it was a horrible dark green paint and the ormulu were very shiny and cheap gold. I sanded it well to even it all out and cleaned and cleaned it. I then painted it in ASCP Graphite and highlighted the ormulu in a deep antique gold. I painted the interior with Dulux Clunies and added a shelf.

I just love how this turned out and would have happily kept it, but no room. It's already left for it's new home and I have to say I was a bit sad to see it go. Oh well onto the next piece. I have some great pieces coming up this week if I can fit painting around family activities. One project will be this lovely gold mirror that I sold last night and the buyer wants painted.

You can see in the reflection above and photo below a new pot plant (in a lovely planter my parents gave me for Christmas). I love ferns but am not so good with remembering to water indoor plants so I'm hoping I can keep this one alive. It looks good for the moment anyway.

I have a huge french cabinet leaving today to get shipped to Dubbo and I'm looking forward to having more space back in my studio. I'm really not set up for storing pieces for too long. I'll share photos of the cabinet soon. I'm really behind on sharing my pieces here on my blog but all in good time.

Have a good day
Fiona xx


  1. The gold touches on the cabinet are very nice!

  2. The cupboard looks beautiful, very unique. Potplants - I work out how often they need watering and allocate a particular day of the week to water so I don't forget. My days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday if needed or just Monday Friday in winter. They seem to survive on that system.

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