Monday, June 5, 2017

Another desk in ASCP Graphite and Duck Egg and a tower of champagne

Hope you all had a great weekend. To be honest yesterday was a quiet day for us here mainly because of this....

A big champagne tower at a friend's 50th birthday. Very fun night - a dress up party which I always love. It was come as a 1990's icon - I found it a hard theme as I mean who was even watching tv etc in the 1990's. I was working and partying hard back then -no time for noticing who were icons. Anyway Phil had a great idea and organised our costumes - teenage mutant ninja turtles. 

On Friday Lynne and her husband came and picked up a desk they had bought. I had listed the desk as available for custom painting and she was inspired by one I did recently and asked for it to be painted the same.

Painted in ASCP Graphite with duck egg inside the drawers and all sealed with three coats of a clear topcoat. Such a great finish and I'm thrilled with how it all turned out. So were my customers. It's a surprise for their teenage son so I hope he is thrilled also.

You may notice in the before photo below that it was slightly shorter originally. Lynne needed it 2 cm higher for her son's chair to fit comfortably underneath. Read below for how I solved this.

I popped into Bunnings the other day to see what I could find to add to the underneath of the legs to add some height to the the desk. It was a Bunnings that I wasn't familair with as I was on my way home from somewhere so I asked a guy where the timber aisle was. He asked that I was wanting so i told him my idea. His answer was "Love, that's not going to work". Once again I love it when the guy at thehardware shop tells me I can't do something and I find a way. I found these little finials, chopped the bobble tip off with my hacksaw and sanded them flat, drilled holes in the table legs and glued in the dowels. The desk is now the perfect height, looks original, and is super steady and stable.  Nothing like promising a customer that you can do something to make you super inventive :)

I removed the felt pads underneath the legs - I just put them on when I'm painting so I can easily scoot the furniture around and not scratch my floor even more than it already is.

Fiona xx


  1. What is it with the guys at the hardware store who think our ideas won't work? Cured my husband of that mindset by proving to him over and over again they mostly do work-lol! Glad your plan worked beautifully too!!

    1. I know - it's funny isn't it. I did engineering at uni so pretty much think i can fix anything. It's not necessarily true but at least it gives me the confidence to try.


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