Friday, June 2, 2017

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey

Good morning, thanks for all the feedback on yesterday's post. It seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people. I love hearing your thoughts and getting emails from you and (almost) always reply. the connection with my readers is very meaningful for me.

Italy - Podere Belvedere
we will be here soon!
It's definitely getting colder here in Sydney. Our morning walk and coffee is a chilly affair but not long now till we head to Italy and I'm sure we will be commenting how hot we are :) I still have a few things to organise for our trip (like the rental car which I should have booked ages ago) and I have three big custom jobs to complete before we so but we are on countdown.

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey lilyfield life

It's just lovely when someone you admire and respect buys your furniture. I recently painted these beautiful french style drawers. I use a ASCP Paris Grey mix - I like to mix my colours to make them a little special and lighted them off a little. 

I listed the piece on facebook and within 1 second (literally) it was purchased by Amanda. I worked for Amanda about 10 years ago on a contract in the city. She was such a dynamo and we undertook a huge commercial prohejct together, working long hours with a lot of stress. We both really admired one another and worked well together. Fast forward 10 years she's now an international marketing manager for Asia Pacific in a huge bank and I'm painting furniture. Funny how life works out. 

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey lilyfield life

I offered to deliver the piece to her so we could catch up. It was so good to reminisce and catch up  each other's lives. She is using this piece as a buffet in her dining room. It is placed against a beautiful wallpapered wall. I should have snapped a photo but we were too busy chatting.

She also bought the long mirror below and will be handing it horizontally above the buffet.

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey lilyfield life

BTW I still have a few of the pine cone finials available. $75 each, postage available also or pickup from me. These are sourced from NZ and are such good quality.

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey lilyfield life

Today I will make myself sit down at the computer and find a rental car for 5 weeks in Italy. Not fun but a necessary evil as I don't want to be catching trains around Italy with the kids. Phil and I have a lot of funny stories about backpacking and train trips in Italy. Not something we want to relive with our kids.

have a lovely day
Fiona xx

Vintage French style drawers - Pale Grey lilyfield life


  1. Both pieces will be treasured!

  2. Hi Fiona

    Try UDrive car hire
    We just used them in France, very reasonable and thru Hertz

    Bon voyage

    1. Hi Michelle
      I wanted to say thanks again for your suggestion. What a great website. We have booked a great car and it was $500 cheaper for the month than the exact same car I was looking at on another website. We will raise a glass (a Bellini or prosecco ) in thanks to you when we are travelling!
      Thanks Fiona xx

  3. Hi Fiona,
    Where did the art come from? Just beautiful. I asked you about another piece of art months ago and thanks to you, was able to get myself a copy so I am hoping that this is also obtainable.
    Love your gorgeous work.
    I wrote to you the other day saying that if that little table had have been cream I would have bought it. If ever you get another piece like that I would love it if you would let me know. I would be happy to buy it unpainted (I also paint but only for myself).
    So many thanks.

    1. Hi Suzanne
      The print is actually a $12 thing from Kmart. A customer gave it to me, she was throwing it out . It's so nice and a great prop for my furniture styling.

      Thanks so much re the message about the console. Sorry I didn't reply. Been super busy and not on top of my messages and emails.
      Will let you know if I come across another one

      Thanks for your lovely messages


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