Thursday, June 8, 2017

Duck Egg Blue Drop Leaf Table - custom job.

Good morning! How wet is it in Sydney. I hope your houses are holding up to all the rain. I stayed up way too late last night watching a silly series on Netflix about some killer virus in the Arctic (Helix) and I couldn't believe the crazy rain at 1pm. I see on facebook that one of my friend's bedroom ceiling has caved in overnight so that's a drama filled night for them.

drop leaf oak table painted in Duck egg and off white base chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Yesterday I finished a beautiful oak drop leaf table for Graeme. This is a job that took forever. I had so many problems with it as it's a very old table and had been stored in a garage for many, many years. The varnish on the top was all peeling and something had spilled all over it, I'm sure it was petrol. I did a lot of repairs on the base, such as re-doweling the timber and tightening and replacing screws and gluing and clamping. To paint it I fully dismantled the top from the base which made it a lot easier. 

drop leaf oak table painted in Duck egg and off white base chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

By the way, how lovely is the artwork - my aunt gave it to me as a birthday present (next week, can not believe I'm turning 50!)

drop leaf oak table painted in Duck egg and off white base chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Because Graeme and his wife will use the table to eat at I have top coated it with three coats of a clear sealer and I just don't think wax over a painted finish is strong enough to withstand hot plates, wine spills etc. I know some people may disagree with me, but I need to be confident with my work and the longevity of my pieces so I'd rather do extra work and be happy with my finishes.

I delivered it yesterday as Graeme live locally and everybody loved it, and they've given me more custom painting jobs for when I get back from Italy. I love happy customers :)

drop leaf oak table painted in Duck egg and off white base chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Have a great day.
I am finishing up a big chest of drawers for Sean and Rochelle who have brought up their furniture from Canberra for me to paint. The weather is making work go slow....

Fiona xx


  1. Nice things and the table is lovely. We have nt had rain lately but hear we may have a couple days of it. I am in Oregon, USA

    1. Thanks Rose, I think the rain has set in here. Great for the garden but not great for painting furniture

  2. Gorgeous result for all your hard work, Fiona. But watch out, I have a drop side table that's rather dreary ....
    Still looking for a wardrobe to be painted for my spare room, too. Lucky you.
    Bought an Art Deco apt in Elwood last weekend - can't wait to get in and start decorating.
    Have a great holiday and enjoy your big birthday , it's the best decade of your life.
    Roseanna (in Melbourne) Xxx

    1. Thanks so much Roseanna, so thrilled about the lovely apartment. I’m sure you will be so happy once you are settled. When I’m back from Italy I’ll look into a wardrobe for you

      love Fiona xx

  3. Hi Fiona,
    My Grandmother gave me the exact Drop Leaf Table, mine is on the original little casters, I painted it in a chalk white. I love it, are they of any value?
    Kind Regards,
    Bob Walker

    1. Hi Bob,
      I don’t think so, it will probably all depend on what timber it is and the condition and of course who is selling it. I see them fairly regularly when I’m on my furniture sourcing travels.
      I love furniture on castors so I think your table sounds lovely
      Cheers Fiona

  4. Hello Fiona

    The table looks lovely!!!

    I'm hoping to paint an oak dining table for myself! Sadly it has been in a fire. It is just slightly smoke damaged, although some of the extension leaves are quite charred.

    I wonder if you would please give me some advise on what chalk paint to use?

    I notice you use a lot of ASCP. In your blog you mention other brands and also calcium carbonate DIY chalk paint.

    I want to do a smooth finish rather than a distress finish.
    What would you recommend I use?

    What top coat did you use on the drop leaf table?
    My table will be in daily use too.

    You do fantastic work and I always enjoy your emails!

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Kind regards

  5. I think the painted chest of drawers is much prettier than it ever could be unpainted. So delightfully light and airy, and the decorations show up better.

    I have two drop leaf tables - one is an antique, very much like yours so I feel I can't paint it - walnut, Victorian, shorter than modern furniture, very pretty but it does need a bit of repair because the drop leaves are separating - but one is not an antique and is a good candidate because a silly relative let the cats scratch the top!

  6. Hi, Fiona. That's so pretty, I love the colour! You certainly did an amazing job. There's no trace of being an old table. And yes, the painting is beautiful! Happy 50th to you. :)


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