Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Siamo arrivato a Roma



We have arrived in Roma and are staying in a cute little apartment in Trastevere. It's such a great location and lovely little place. If you are interested the link to AirBnb is here. http://abnb.me/EVmg/9mh2kYrC7D

I am really in heaven here. All the crumbly buildings and paint patina. Beautiful old shuttered windows and everyone speaking my favourite language. I have to say my Italian is rusty but this morning I was asked if my parents were Italian as he thought I spoke well for an Australian. 


This morning Phil and I got up early and walked to the Gianicolo for a beautiful view over Rome. It's such a short walk up the hill from Trastevere (maybe 15-20 minutes) and well worth it. The photos above are from the Internet as the sun was shining in the wrong direction. We will go back with the kids for sunset one day. 

Here's our photo

We bought a stack of veggies at the markets as we've had a long journey and need some good food after all the airplane food. Phil also found an amazing little biscotti shop. Apparently the best in Rome so he and Sasha have some little treats for their cup of tea tonight. Happy days. 

Hope you are happy to see our travel photos. I'll also be interspersing it with furniture blog posts so please keep reading. 

buona giornata

Fiona xx



  1. Hi Fiona, I love your travel pics. I'd love to go to Italy one day. Keep posting! Bec xx

  2. I would love to be able to travel! Enjoy every moment! Is it humid there?

    1. Hi Rose not too humid : just very hot especially as we are coming from winter at home . We can't wait to hit the beach :)
      Cheers Fiona

  3. We're not jealous ��

    Love Mo and Dave xx

    Have fun

    1. Thanks Mo, so different now we are traveling with children but it's lovely to be here with them and sharing it with them.
      Fi xx

  4. Fabulous photos .
    Going to Italy via my iPad .
    Thank you Fiona

  5. Hi Fiona

    Love your pics - all looks fantastic and plenty of inspiration!

    I meant to email a few weeks ago. - your posting of your work has been prolific - gorgeous pieces.

    Enjoy your holiday


    1. Hi Ros
      Thanks so much. I aim to finish one piece a day which I generally do but I don't always get around to blogging about them all. And I sometimes wonder if people get bored with painted furniture after painted furniture so I always love to hear that people are still reading after all this time:)

      So good to be on holidays:) loving it
      Thanks for your lovely message

  6. Thank you for sharing, looks great.
    Best wishes for a great vacation. England next time? Would love to meet you.

    1. Hi Maria
      Thanks gorgeous lady.
      Not sure we will be affording a holiday for a while after this one :
      Cheers Fiona xx


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