Saturday, June 24, 2017

San Gimignano, Tuscan beauty

We have spent the last few days in Tuscany. So beautiful and very hot. I have been to San Gimignano a few times before when I was studying in Florence but only ever for day trips so we decided to stay a couple of nights. I really wanted to show Phil and the kids this beautiful old town. It is so beautiful. See for yourself ...

San Gimignano Torre Grosse 
If you want to avoid the dreaded crowds here, stay over night. By early evening the crowds have thinned and they don't arrive till late morning. We actually had lunch then retired to our room for the afternoon, away from the people and the heat. I actually had a sleep for 3 hours which I normally never do (I have massive FOMO so hate sleeping especially in the day time.  😂)

This morning Phil and I got up at 530 for a peaceful walk and early coffee. We head for Florence today and it's quite likely that we will never be here again so we are soaking it all in. 

How very beautiful. 
 San Gimignano   San Gimignano  
If you are interested in where we are staying it is Donna Nobile. I booked through Such lovely people, a quiet spot with nice aspect and easy walk into the main square. You can drive your car to unload then park close by for free. You wake to the town bells ringing and birds chirping. Divine. There's a kitchen to use also which makes it easy with kids. We aren't fans of eating at restaurants every meal so it's good to be able to cook. 

San Gimignano  
Have you been to San Gimignano? What was your favourite part? 
Fiona xx


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos! I visited San Gimignano 35 years ago and have always wanted to go back.

  2. Such gorgeous colors in the sky!!!

    1. Nothing like a Tuscan sunset/sunrise. Beautiful soft light

  3. Hi Fiona
    I am so enjoying your Italian journey and yes I have been to San Gimignano. It is one of my favourite places on earth. I was there with my mother and sister waiting for the church to open and next thing a small group of musicians including a harpist who played for about an hour then disappeared as quickly as they came. Just magical. Enjoy the rest of your travels xx Shelley


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